Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Like my Style, Shop My Closet!

Admittedly, I shop too much. Plus I'm a girl who loves a sale and doesn't always try clothes on. The end result is a closet full of items that are new with tags on them, and others that have only been worn once or twice. 
This year, I did a major closet overhaul. I tried on every shoe, every bag, every item and decided to list 80 new items for sale in my "Because I Shop Too Much" closet

Here are a whole bunch of amazing ones. These are all NWT or only worn a couple times. The only thing wrong with them is they no longer fit me or I hadn't worn it in over a year (that's my rule, if you don't wear it in 12 months, time for a new home). So with that in mind, these beauties are looking or a new home. 
 photo fashionblogger_zpsdcb83e28.jpg  photo closetcleaning_zpsebb29f76.jpg  photo shopmycloset_zps77ff1a21.jpg  photo shopmycloset_zps77ef7227.jpg
 photo boho_zps1dec4213.jpg
I give 20% off all bundle orders and free shipping if your order total is $100 or more! Just message me on site. 

I hope you see something you like. I will miss them all dearly, but will be happy to have them find new homes. ;)  And while you're there, make sure you set up your own closet. It's so easy to shop and swap on Because I Shop too Much

Monday, September 29, 2014

Outfit: Transitioning into Fall, Boho Edition

 photo 3e74e845-b65c-488a-bf7f-39689d0cf39b_zpse7bab291.jpg  photo c9b57a38-4e19-4a53-a049-d5e1d739a93b_zps2fccafcb.jpg  photo IMG_5076_zpsc3c0f061.jpg I am loving this weather we are currently having here in the Midwest. It's in the lower 70's during the day then cooler at night, but sun and clear blue skies, I'll take it! 
A great way to transition your wardrobe into fall (even on the warmer days) is by adding fall colors to the pallet. I'm sure you can tell my my outfit posts so far this month that I am all about the colors navy and oxblood.

I styled a simple navy maxi dress by adding a brown belt, plaid scarf, great heels, and my favorite wool hat. 
Now lets talk hair. This is hands down the easiest hair to execute ever! I showered in the morning and let my hair air dry. I then randomly grabbed 2-5 sections of hair and made loose braids. To secure the braids, I back combed the bottom and secured them with hair spray. Then toss on your favorite hat! It looks way more put together then it actually is. Plus I spent all of 5 minutes on my hair and everyone kept asking me about it. 
 photo IMG_5040_zps6e8da62f.jpg  photo IMG_5075_zps87355073.jpg  photo cbc1ea6a-dcf1-4854-86f7-1de36e6fa561_zps01e7a02c.jpg  photo IMG_5077_zpsdd0646c4.jpg  photo IMG_5066_zpsc2d3a8fd.jpg
Dress & Scarf: Nordstrom // Shoes: c/o Just Fab // Hat: Gap // Sunnies: MNG by Mango // Rose Gold Ring Set: T+J Designs // Necklace: EG Jewelry // Watch: Fossil // Bangle: c/o It's a Bling Thing // Belt: Just Fab (came with a dress) 

What do you think of this outfit? Do you ever wear a scarf then take it off and turn it into a pashmina as the sun goes down?

Friday, September 26, 2014

On the Hunt for a Winter White Coat

For as long as I can remember I have wanted a "winter white" coat. Enter two children and their toddler years and it just wasn't something that was realistic. This year my kids will be six and four and I think it's time for mommy to get herself that white coat I've been dreaming about since they were born. 

Here are the eight I have it narrowed down to:
 photo winterwhite_zps460b7a6a.jpg

ASOS // T Tahari // Nordstrom // Target 

I think it's between the Express and T Tahari one for me. Or maybe the Nordstrom one too...ahhh...I need help!
Which is your favorite? I need help deciding which one I should buy this year. 

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Outfit: Breaking all the Rules

 photo IMG_5027_zpsd67305d8.jpg  photo IMG_5015_zpsca597dac.jpg  photo IMG_5032_zps95f19229.jpg I truly hate "fashion rules". I mean, let's me honest, they change all the time! I say, wear what you want when you want as long as it makes you happy and is appropriate. ;)
Two of my favorite "fashion rules" that I like to break: wearing white after Labor Day and wearing black and brown together. 

Today I'm styling white after Labor Day. I decided to keep the styling fun by adding a bright blouse and mirror sunnies. To make the styling more appropriate for fall I paired the look with a black bag and black boot. 
 photo IMG_5006_zps532767fa.jpg  photo IMG_5029_zps43297d33.jpg  photo IMG_5023_zpse37718f5.jpg  photo IMG_5013_zps8ab3f8cf.jpg
Top: c/o Persunmall  // Jeans: Level 99 via TSF Box Service // Boots: c/o Just Fab // Bag: Target // Sunnies: Ray Ban // Bracelet: T+J Designs // Watch: Marc Jacobs 

What do you think of this pairing? What are some "fashion rules" you like to break?

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Better Breakfast Month

September is better breakfast month! Celebrate the most important meal of the day with versatile Hormel black Label Bacon or Hormel Compleats. Good mornings for those days you feel a little rushed! 
I know with two kids in school our mornings are very scheduled. If we are off even by 10 minutes getting the kids up, the entire morning is so rushed. Who wants to start their day like that? Not me (or my family for that matter). We tried the new Hormel Compleats on days we had less time to cook breakfast, and they are definitely crowd pleasers. 

Here are two my family are loving: Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal & Bacon Breakfast Scramble. 
For the days you have time to cook (or weekends you want to spoil the ones you love), head over to the Hormel website for 21 great breakfast recipes! So many delicious early morning meal ideas to choose from. 

Now for something new from Hormel: 
Hormel Foods is excited to announce the addition of Muscle Milk, a well-known protein brand- to it's family of products. 
My hubby is LOVING this one. It's a great way to energize before he hits the gym on a regular work day! 

What are your go-to breakfast meals? Have you ever tried any of these new Hormel products?

*You can check out my previous Hormel posts and recipes here herehereherehereherehereherehere, & here

*I am currently a member of the Hormel Foods Extended Blogger Program and this post is part of my involvement in the Group. While Hormel Foods provides me material and necessary resources to complete various activities, all statements and sentiment in Stilettos and Diaper Bags are my own.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Outfit: Is This a Shirt or a Dress?

 photo 202a1399-d52c-48de-813e-fc180624b058_zps38e68a14.jpg  photo IMG_4932_zps7aa41625.jpg  photo IMG_4950_zps80447e0a.jpg
In my most recent swap bag from Kaitlyn I found this beautiful shirt...err...tunic...err.. I mean dress? I truly had no idea which way to wear it. But that's the most amazing part about it. I feel like it can be styled as a top, a tunic, OR a dress!
Since the weather is still on the warmer end of cool (mid to upper 60's), I decided to go with a dress.

I love the print. It's animal but neutral and pairs well with any other color really. I kept the styling on the "season's are changing" theme by adding a green necklace, navy color hat, maroon sunnies, and light carmel colored boots. Very "fall" of me if I do say so myself!
 photo 58027985-1d82-4a60-bf17-1abe6c259860_zps82a013d4.jpg  photo IMG_4947_zpsefbbf079.jpg
 photo 12f39155-d667-492a-80d6-9cb0e702aa14_zpscb62a2d8.jpg  photo 5e95f4df-4a38-499f-abb2-c3cff0285ebb_zpsf7da3f93.jpg
Dress: Dorthy Perkins (swap w/ Kaitlyn) // Boots: c/o Sole Society // Hat: Gap // Necklace & Bangle: c/o It's a Bling Thing // Sunnies: MNG by Mango // Ring: Just Fab // Bracelet: Threadsence 

Do you have any items of clothing that can be worn a few different ways? 

Monday, September 22, 2014

Giveaway: Dough & a Dear- Mommy & Me Turban Set

One lucky winner will receive a mommy & me turban set in the color of their choice. What a fun giveaway from Dough & a Dear on Etsy
Tiffany has such a fun selection of items up on her site, you really do need to check it out. It would be hard for me to pick out just one item from her shop! I love her baby boots and there is a heart blanket that I stare at often. ;) 

She gifted us our turbans and went with the color black. I thought it would be something different then anything we already have. Since we were going to have matching hats, it only seemed natural that we wear matching Canadian tuxedos too. I mean, how adorable is a kid in all denim? Not many things. ;) 

Here we are rocking out our new turbans:
 photo 191337ff-4df2-4b3f-8146-d0899c205a67_zps76c38dda.jpg  photo 1432eed9-548d-4b1b-8a4e-44b01100e974_zpse5d368ce.jpg  photo 7d8f2cc2-8cec-4418-b61c-013a0b567fb4_zps09ae6fc9.jpg  photo IMG_4695_zps4f65c2c3.jpg  photo a1354052-2921-4fb4-8e2f-bbe3be6efe2d_zpsaa3c27a8.jpg  photo f168751c-e6e8-40cd-8859-65a0eec0f2c4_zps59b67254.jpg
As you can see below, the quality of these hats are amazing! Perfect for the cooler months ahead of us. I also think these sets will make great gifts this holiday season!
 photo IMG_4713_zpsb466d1f5.jpg
My OutfitTop: JC Penny // Jeans: 7 for all Mankind // Belt: Fossil // Shoes: Just Fab // Turban: c/o Dough & a Dear
My daughter's outfitTop: Kohls // Jeans & Boots: JC Penny // Turban: c/o Dough & a Dear

Enter the giveaway below. Good luck! 
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Tips for Purchase Diamond Solitaire Pendant

Did you know that a diamond solitaire pendant would be much more expensive than a carat equivalent made up from small loose diamonds? Why then must you invest in solitaires when you choose bracelets, diamond earrings or your engagement & wedding ring? The simple reason is that nothing can truly match the glamour of a solitaire.

If you choose princess cut diamond solitaire engagement rings or necklaces decorated with solitaires, the look would be spectacularly elegant, no less!  And if you are looking for a great collection, consider Union Diamond of Georgia Atlanta for the purchase of a princess cut diamond pendant. Best prices and top class designs for your princess cut diamond solitaire engagement rings will be available here.

You can also source necklaces, engagement & wedding rings, loose diamonds, bracelets, diamond earrings and all types of diamond jewelry items from here.

Diamond Solitaire Pendant: The Four Determining Factors for Choosing

Your choice of a diamond solitaire pendant would depend on the below mentioned four aspects:

·         Carat: Carat is nothing else but the size of the stone. Diamonds are measured in carats. The larger the stone the pricier it is likely to be.

·         Clarity: Clarity refers to how clear the stone is. The lesser the blemishes, the clearer the stone is. The clearer stones are the more expensive ones.

·         Color: You could choose on the basis of your preference ranging from colorless onwards to darker shades.

·         Cut: The brilliance of the stone is determined by the cut. The way in which it has been cut would determine how much light it would reflect. Needless to mention, the superior cuts demand higher prices.

Setting of a Diamond Solitaire Pendant is as important

As is the case with all other forms of jewelry, the setting is extremely important since it is extremely essential for ensuring correct display of the stone. The chain that has been used with the pendant be it gold or platinum should complement the stone rather than compete with it. And of course, a secure clasp is extremely important for ensuring that it remains in place. This is also one of the reasons why a diamond solitaire pendant needs to be sourced from a trusted provider like Union Diamond of Georgia Atlanta. Trusted jewelers have their way with stones and they also know how to go about creating unique designs that would grab eyeballs.

Why is a Diamond Solitaire Pendant a Better Choice among other pieces of Diamond Jewelry?

The most exciting aspect about choosing a pendant over a ring could be that the former provides the possibility of using unique shapes that may not be found in the latter. For instance, when you choose a pendant over princess cut diamond solitaire engagement rings, you have the opportunity of using the unlikely pear shape or the marquise shape, for a completely innovative look.  A great pendant with a rare diamond stone could be a precious piece of jewelry to buy and also an immensely interesting gift. Whenever you buy your diamond solitaire pendant in Georgia, Atlanta, consider reputed and trusted names only.

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Tips on Choosing a Perfect Handbag

"Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak."
 —Rachel Zoe

Handbags create a fashion statement like none other. Like you judge a man by his shoes, a purse will decode a woman’s style sense.
If you are wise then these smart buying ideas will help out. Instead of shelling out a bomb on the original bags, try out LV replica handbags and purses from leading online stores like HighReplica.co that offer replica products at a fraction of the cost.

How to Choose a Perfect Handbag   

It is important to consider the following things before buying cheap Louis Vuitton replica handbags & purses.
·      Mood of the occasion: If it is formal or sophisticated event like an office function, a seminar or board meeting, then go for formal looking handbags with subtle and pastel shades like black, beige, brown, maroon or mauve. Avoid any shimmer or glitter and choose a simple clutch or shoulder strap bag. You can choose from the collection of cheap Louis Vuitton replica handbags & purses. They will be light on your pockets and looks classy too! If it is a fun or peppy occasion like a birthday treat, a romantic date or girls hangout, choose vibrant shades and go for a chic design.

·      Time and duration of the occasion:  Once you understand the mood of the occasion, go for the time of the event. For instance, if it is a day event, choose subtle colors and avoid blings, even if it is for a fun event. At night you can go for shimmer and stone work. The duration also is an important consideration, if you need to attend a long function, go for a comfortable hand bag which is light on your shoulders and can accommodate all your essentials whereas if you are out for lunch you can consider carrying  a clutch instead

·      Attire and other accessory: The idea here is to look well coordinated.  Make sure the handbag either compliments your belt and shoe color or is in sync with your attire. For example, if you are wearing a short black dress, then accessorize it a with a sling bag in red, tan, grey or brown shade and make sure your footwear is also of the similar shades. You can also experiment your look by matching the embellishment in your outfit with a purse. For instance if your dress has a pearl work, you can consider carrying a purse with some pearls embedded and so on. Remember, if you are dressing up like a diva of 90’s then do not club a contemporary looking purse with that, instead go for the similar feel.

·      Deciding the compartments: If you are heading for an outstation trip, you would need to stuff your handbag, with things like a passport, address book, cosmetics, mobile, cash, keys a journal, umbrella or bottle of water and so on. So, you need to have appropriate space in your handbag. If you are going for a dinner in a nearby restaurant then probably you do not need many things, so a small bag or even a clutch will be an ideal choice.

So, think well and choose wisely. Also do make sure you keep durability of a bag in mind before you step out. For instance, if you are carrying a leather handbag then avoid places that are famous for thundershowers. Instead of originals, go for LV replica bags so that you can afford more variety, because of the prices.

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Friday, September 19, 2014

Kids Fashion: Lion Roar Outfit

 photo IMG_4856_zps8359783b.jpg  photo IMG_4860_zpsafa7ed91.jpg
My son's favorite song this past spring/summer was "Roar" by Katy Perry. As soon as he saw this outfit as an option in his September lookbook, there was no looking at other outfits.

I love that FabKids paired this great long sleeved tee with wax coated denim. These jeans, and the top for that matter, will be a great addition to my sons fall and winter wardrobe. They will mix and match perfectly with what he already has in his current closet.
Toss on some character shoes and his outfit was complete. What's more cool then a roaring lion on your shirt with batman on your feet? Not many things I say!
 photo IMG_4858_zpsc96868f9.jpg  photo IMG_4862_zpsdff5c646.jpg
Top & Jeans: c/o Fabkids // Shoes: c/o Rack Room Shoes 

What do you think about my son's outfit? What trends are your kids wearing to school this fall?

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Outfit: Dinner Party at my House

 photo IMG_4784_zps601fb6b1.jpg  photo IMG_4795_zpsad676ec0.jpg  photo IMG_4798_zpsd4a953ff.jpg
Over the weekend we invited over a couple of my husbands high school friends and their families for dinner at our home.
Cooking for six adults and four kids was going to be fun, but our house was not really ready for it. I'll get back to that in a minute, first lets talk fashion.

I decided to wear this easy button up shirt dress. It has lots of room for eating (which was key with what I cooked), and it can be casual or dressy depending on the styling.

Since the weather was on the cooler side, I added these amazing slouchy boots. I am obsessed with them. Seriously, you are going to get sick of seeing them on the blog, but I digress. ;)
I kept the styling easy by adding a great statement necklace and a few other gold accessories.
 photo IMG_4792_zpsffafec57.jpg  photo IMG_4788_zpsb6685002.jpg  photo IMG_4802_zpsbde18fe7.jpg Dress: Kohls // Boots: c/o Sole Society // Necklace: House of Gemmes // Bag & Ring: c/o Just Fab // Sunnies: MNG by Mango // Watch: Fossil // Bangle: c/o It's a Bling Thing

OK, now onto the menu and where to seat 10 people! We have a round, four top table in our kitchen. We are a family of four so that's all we've ever needed. Thankfully we have a 10 foot table we keep in garage for parties and borrowed some folding chairs. We also have a kids four top with chairs so I decided to set that up next to the "adults table".

Now the menu. I have a lot of items that I'm great at cooking. I'll admit it, I can cook. But an item that people always say are great are my ribs.
Ribs for this many people, I have never executed, but with four pots on the stove I got it done!
I created a "build your own salad bar" as the side and also had some fresh fruit too.

Here are a few photos of our set up:
 photo IMG_4780_zpsb0007d2b.jpg
Ever table needs fresh flowers. I decided to put them in coffee mugs so we could all see each other. There is nothing worse then a giant center piece and you can't see your guests!
 photo IMG_4810_zpse00121a4.jpg  photo IMG_4816_zps874eed4a.jpg
This isn't even all the ribs I made! This is just what I put out for the first round. ;)
 photo IMG_4819_zpsee7c3c70.jpg
I'm really great with time management so I had everything ready to go by 10 minutes prior to the guests arriving. I just kept the ribs in the oven warming up while we offered everyone wine, scotch, and water.  I hate missing out on the party by being in the kitchen so I start prepped veggies and boiling ribs hours prior to the dinner date.

If you like ribs and you want to try this recipe, I've posted it on the blog before, so check it out here.

Do you ever have more then one couple over (and their kids) at the same time? What's your go-to meal to make for dinner parties?