Sunday, October 26, 2014

Top Gift Ideas for Your Parents

Your parents have contributed to your life in so many ways. From holding your hand when you first learn to walk to giving you emotional support, while you experiment with your career. They shower you with unconditional love and you can always count on them to be there. No wonder then that choosing an appropriate gift for your parents can be a daunting task. Whether it's their anniversary, a gift from your first meaningful salary or just something to say 'Thank You', you want to find something unique. Mostly, parents already have all essentials and are not thrilled with the most high-tech gifts. So, how about checking out unique antique gifts for men and women? Such gifts could leave them spellbound.
Think Out of the Box, Not Out of Your Wallet
 You don't have to impress your parents with the most expensive gifts. A thoughtful present will count much more, especially if it is something they would not have bought themselves. You can go through a wide variety of unique antique gifts that are reasonably priced, yet innovative at reputed sites like Premier Gifts. Something of utility that can also be used for decoration could be a great idea. For instance, if your parents are struggling with weak eyesight, you can get them an Empress reading glass to help them read fine print comfortably. Select one made of solid brass, as this looks regal. This practical study tool could have an adjustable ball joint, allowing the reader to rotate the glass into a convenient position for a better reading experience. One can use this as a desk piece.
An antique looking mirror could be a charming addition to the decor, while also being useful. Else you can choose a handheld mirror that looks like one used in the yesteryears. Mirrors are among the safest of the unique antique gifts for men and women, since everyone finds them useful.
Selecting Separate Gifts for Both
The decision of what to get your parents may become simpler if you choose separate gifts for both. You can take into account their individual interests and make the selection accordingly. For instance, your dad may be thrilled to receive a pocket compass with an etched dial, while your mom may really like a writer's palette with inks of different colours. Your dad may love to receive an authentic model plane or ship, while your mom may be spellbound with a weatherglass that looks charmingly old-world. Don't forget to add a note about how much they mean to you!
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