Saturday, September 20, 2014

Tips for Purchase Diamond Solitaire Pendant

Did you know that a diamond solitaire pendant would be much more expensive than a carat equivalent made up from small loose diamonds? Why then must you invest in solitaires when you choose bracelets, diamond earrings or your engagement & wedding ring? The simple reason is that nothing can truly match the glamour of a solitaire.

If you choose princess cut diamond solitaire engagement rings or necklaces decorated with solitaires, the look would be spectacularly elegant, no less!  And if you are looking for a great collection, consider Union Diamond of Georgia Atlanta for the purchase of a princess cut diamond pendant. Best prices and top class designs for your princess cut diamond solitaire engagement rings will be available here.

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Diamond Solitaire Pendant: The Four Determining Factors for Choosing

Your choice of a diamond solitaire pendant would depend on the below mentioned four aspects:

·         Carat: Carat is nothing else but the size of the stone. Diamonds are measured in carats. The larger the stone the pricier it is likely to be.

·         Clarity: Clarity refers to how clear the stone is. The lesser the blemishes, the clearer the stone is. The clearer stones are the more expensive ones.

·         Color: You could choose on the basis of your preference ranging from colorless onwards to darker shades.

·         Cut: The brilliance of the stone is determined by the cut. The way in which it has been cut would determine how much light it would reflect. Needless to mention, the superior cuts demand higher prices.

Setting of a Diamond Solitaire Pendant is as important

As is the case with all other forms of jewelry, the setting is extremely important since it is extremely essential for ensuring correct display of the stone. The chain that has been used with the pendant be it gold or platinum should complement the stone rather than compete with it. And of course, a secure clasp is extremely important for ensuring that it remains in place. This is also one of the reasons why a diamond solitaire pendant needs to be sourced from a trusted provider like Union Diamond of Georgia Atlanta. Trusted jewelers have their way with stones and they also know how to go about creating unique designs that would grab eyeballs.

Why is a Diamond Solitaire Pendant a Better Choice among other pieces of Diamond Jewelry?

The most exciting aspect about choosing a pendant over a ring could be that the former provides the possibility of using unique shapes that may not be found in the latter. For instance, when you choose a pendant over princess cut diamond solitaire engagement rings, you have the opportunity of using the unlikely pear shape or the marquise shape, for a completely innovative look.  A great pendant with a rare diamond stone could be a precious piece of jewelry to buy and also an immensely interesting gift. Whenever you buy your diamond solitaire pendant in Georgia, Atlanta, consider reputed and trusted names only.

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