Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Better Breakfast Month

September is better breakfast month! Celebrate the most important meal of the day with versatile Hormel black Label Bacon or Hormel Compleats. Good mornings for those days you feel a little rushed! 
I know with two kids in school our mornings are very scheduled. If we are off even by 10 minutes getting the kids up, the entire morning is so rushed. Who wants to start their day like that? Not me (or my family for that matter). We tried the new Hormel Compleats on days we had less time to cook breakfast, and they are definitely crowd pleasers. 

Here are two my family are loving: Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal & Bacon Breakfast Scramble. 
For the days you have time to cook (or weekends you want to spoil the ones you love), head over to the Hormel website for 21 great breakfast recipes! So many delicious early morning meal ideas to choose from. 

Now for something new from Hormel: 
Hormel Foods is excited to announce the addition of Muscle Milk, a well-known protein brand- to it's family of products. 
My hubby is LOVING this one. It's a great way to energize before he hits the gym on a regular work day! 

What are your go-to breakfast meals? Have you ever tried any of these new Hormel products?

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