January 1, 2014

Time for New Rain Boots!

I had bought myself the below blue rain boots three years ago and they have been my go-to's in rain and snow ever since. 

To my surprise I went to put them on and my feet felt wet. 
Upon further inspection I found they had a very large hole in the left boot. BOO HISS! lol
This was a sad day as I have no other rain/snow type boots. In the meantime I have been ruining my UGGS by wearing them in the snow and salt. Time was running out as more and more snow is falling daily so I had to make a decision. 
What kind of new rain boots do I want?  

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 photo rainboots_zpsc847d6a5.jpg 
After looking online at all the sales for Christmas, I realized it was time for an upgrade. 
I have always wanted Hunter Boots and with 30% off I decided to use that and a few gift cards and get myself a pair. I think I paid $60 out of pocket when all was said and done. SCORE!

I was between red, rust, and teal but am very pleased I went with the rust colored ones. 
They are the perfect color orange and will work year round for rain and snowy weather. 
 photo 514b838d-efcf-4682-8ee0-1209687b193c_zps092624e8.jpg

Do you own Hunter Boots? 
The quality is really great and I feel very certain I will get way more then three years out of this pair. ;) 
Tis the season to find great deals! 
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