September 20, 2013

What Guys Really Think

Fall Trends 2013: The Green Movement

Everywhere you look, green clothing is in high demand. Emerald is the color of the season, but all shades of green are showing up on the runway and in our local stores. 

Here are some green looks from the runway and some street style shots:

 Lisa: LOVE LOVE LOVE! I haven't even touched on the camo trend (which I feel is part of the green movement however they are different fall trends...blah! ;) but camo aside I am still super drawn to this color. 
A green trench, blazer, print pant, or knit would totally be up my ally. Clearly some of the looks above are runway and not ready to wear, but the trend transitions easy to the racks. I say this one is a must try this fall, even if only in a bag or a statement necklace, you must rock some green! 

Ryan: Fine lines Lisa; fine lines. I've always been a fan of military-green jackets on ladies looking  to sport a "rock" look without having to fall back on standard black pieces.  But, I would warn, it's all about the shade and type of green. Go too much on the lighter side, and you may run  the risk of looking like you're waaaay early for the St Patrick's Day parade, or worse, like an Elvish wood-nymph extra in Lord of the Rings.
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