July 1, 2013

Outfit: Date Night

The hubby and I like to go out on dates at least twice a month (sitters permitting), so when we do go out I try to look nice for him. 

Here is what I wore for our dinner and a movie date:

 photo 59a8d52e-43db-40d1-a7db-f668c26d40b0_zps98059eb4.jpg  photo 5e29fc83-3427-40db-ba6f-10d5c4df9432_zps12a36cf3.jpg  photo 68a345db-0b40-4d50-b873-ec97ecf90da9_zpsc0ba4c02.jpg  photo d62c7430-092f-49d9-996c-20f83b72dcab_zps3d4a4eab.jpg
Dress: Loft (swap w/ Kaitlyn), Shoes: c/o Just Fab, Black Bracelet: c/o Inbar Shahak (swap w/ Kaitlyn), Necklace & Stone Bracelet: c/o Lotus Blossom Design, Bag: Michael Kors, Bow Ring: T+J Designs, Watch: Fossil, Earrings: Shore, Lip Color: Rose Blossom by Bobbi Brown 

We saw the movie This is the End. 
It's weird, but the entire first half I was laughing my ass off when all the actors were playing themselves. 

We talked, ate, had a few drinks, and laughed. The best kind of date nights! ;) 

Has anyone else seen This is the End? What did you think of it?

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