May 6, 2013

Outfit: Mom & Tot Gymnastics

  Both of my kids currently take gymnastics at a local gym.
My son's class is parent free (me and the hubby get to watch/video tape/photo take from the side lines) but my daughter's class is mom or dad & tot.
Here is what I wore for my daughter's class:
 photo 1f9a065d-0227-4c2b-9fcc-ad053b21aef4_zps89181025.jpg  photo bccfa451-86aa-428c-901f-d0ee43f476c9_zps83eec2a2.jpg  photo 35e10816-595c-4fd5-97e9-d9a13cc1a344_zps832867a6.jpg
Me- Tank: Piperlime, Under tank: Forever 21, Shorts: Old Navy, Shoes: JC Penny, Glasses: Prada, Bag: Fossil
Bean- Tank & Shorts: Kohls, Shoes: Striderite
No makeup, no jewelry, hair in a braid right out of the shower, and easy to move in clothes.
I do have to wear socks in the gym, fear not for my wedges. ;)
Are your kids in sports?
I think it's great for kids to be in social groups outside of their siblings at least a few times a month.
Builds confidence and independence, nothing bad about that!  
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