January 21, 2013

Not a 30 for 30 Challange per say....

I've always admired the bloggers that take the 30 for 30 challenge.
For those of you not familiar, you choose 30 items from your wardrobe (tops, bottoms, belts, scarfs, everything except jewelry I believe) and rotate and style it as many ways as you can for the 30 days.
Each blogger I've followed that has done this is burnt by the end. They either HATE the items they picked at the start, quits half way through, or changes the rules so they could add in a new item or two. NO JUDGEMENT! This is why I've never tried, I would fall into one of the above catigories for sure.
 Not to mention, I do not do outfit posts daily so doing 30 outfit posts in a row would be a challenge in itself.
Honestly, I'm not one to wear and re wear a lot items in my wardrobe. I dislike this about myself.
I think of myself as a collector. I get a great item, wear it once or twice and then hort it in my closet. What's the point?!?!
So, I'm not going to do a 30 for 30 challenge, but I am going to challenge myself to wear the same item at least 4 times in two months. This will go for 30 items.
I figure this will give me more remixes to show you and make me shop less.
Oh yeah, did I mention I'm on a shopping lock down?
Unless an item is gifted to me, I have a gift card to buy an item, or I swap for items on Because I Shop too much, I am unable to shop. How long? NO IDEA. So far, I've gone 18 days. I'd like to make it to at LEAST 50 days and we will go from there. My closet is BEYOND stocked and this should not be an issue.
So who's with me?
You may see the same knit on my blog every other week, you may see the same dress until I get sick of wearing it, you may see me give up and shop! ;)
But I'm going to try the 30 for 30 my way....I think I'll call it the 30 for 60 (thirty items in heavy rotation with whatever else I want to wear in 60 days).
What do you think?

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