January 14, 2013

Doctor Zigs Giant Bubble Kits

I was contacted by a lovely family business based near Snowdon in N. Wales. They make the most amazing Giant Bubble toys. The business was started a year and a half ago, and now their Bubbles are travelling across the world!
They recently started selling their bubble kits on Amazon too.
After watching the video, I knew my kids would love them.
I present to you Doctor Zigs bubble jumbo kit: 
Photobucket Photobucket bubbles Photobucket giantbubbles
Even though it was 30 degrees out, we layered up and headed out back to try out our new bubble kit. Ok, this is seriously so much fun. It was easy to use and my son even made a few really great bubbles himself!
I think it's safe to say the kids are obsessed!!! To be honest me and the hubby had a really fun time too! These bubbles even work in the rain.
I can NOT wait for spring and summer so we can play some more. I would say these are a must buy for any bubble loving family.
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