September 17, 2012

Outfit: A "Made for You" Dress

You may remember me wearing a "made for you" dress back in December from Eshakti. Their online store really has the most amazing concept. They have a wide range of sizes and you can alter and change the piece into what you want it to look like.eshakti loft Photobucket silverspeck
Dress: C/O Eshakti, Necklace: Loft, Bracelets: Kristin Hassan, Ring: C/O Silver Speck, Shoes: Shoemint
How amazing is this dress?
It was literally made for me as I had to give my measurements at time of order so it fits perfectly. I felt super chic and actually pretty sexy in it. I adore the beaded detail on the shoulders and the keyhole on the back. I also love that I kept the length longer (as you have the option to make changes to the length and the neck style). There is definitely something sexy about a pencil style bottom half. If you can't tell, I am gaga for it! I can't wait to wear it again during the holiday season. 
Since it's been hard to find a sitter lately, this is what I wore for a date night at my house with the hubbs. He liked it. He liked it a lot! ;)
We had a lovely dinner and wine after the kids went to bed. Sometimes the best date nights are nights in!

For my hair:
 I started at one side and began to twist until I reached the other side under my ear. I put a small goodie hair tie in. From there I just braided. But here's the twist, I separated into 3 sections like you would for a normal braid, but I braided the center section. When that was done I used that braid as one of the 3 sections in the main braid. This adds more texture and makes it look almost like a fishtail no? Thoughts? Hair tutorial needed?
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