August 4, 2012

What's Happening in my World

It's been a few months since my last "What's happening in my world" post, so I figured I'd update you all on what I've been up to.

As far as my family goes, everyone is doing great!

My son is THRIVING on our new biomedical track (gluten free, dairy free, natural vitamins, vitamin b12 shots every 3 days, epsom salt baths) and as soon as we get his blood test results we go onto the next round. I can't even begin to brag about how much more he is talking and making eye contact. The shots every 3 days were scary at first (for all of us! ;) but it has been such a blessing. And my brave little man gave 4 tubes of blood for testing and when he finished he said "I did it!". When we got in the waiting room he said to the 5 people waiting "I did it guys! Good luck, it hurts!" lol What a big brave boy!

The bean is doing great! She is in 3 hours of Early Intervention per week but she is getting new words weekly. I love that the state offers these programs. Hopefully she will catch up by school age. ;) We don't think she is autistic like her brother, but she for sure has a speech delay. Whatever, she's perfect! And so is my little man! I am such a proud mama and both my babies are such a blessing I can't even gush enough about either of them!

Hubby is doing good. His band Lucky Boys Confusion is playing 2 shows at the House of Blues Chicago October 26 and 27 so get your tickets because they will for sure sell out! There are lots of surprises in store for you, and I think Joe Sell would be proud that they are playing their 15 year anniversary show while celebrating his memory. I'm sure these shows will be filled with both cheers and tears.

I'm actually doing good too! I've filled my plate. I've filled a few people's worth of plates come to think of
Making food from scratch 3 times a day is work enough, but I'm figuring out lots of tricks and tips (which I will obviously be sharing with all of you). I'm also turning into quite the health nut in the process.
I am very involved in both kids therapies and is it bad if I say I can't wait for school to start later this month? My man just does better when someone else is telling him what to do. Why is that? He thinks I'm funny EPICALLY when I'm mad. Not cool dude, not cool! ;)
I am also looking forward to 1 on 1 time with the little lady while my son's at school. Being the second child we don't get tons of just us time. I like to make that time though. That actually goes both ways. I take the little man out to lunch or for a walk just the 2 of us too.

The two blogs are doing great and I'm loving all the new sponsors and opportunities they have both opened up for me!

Because I shop too much is also doing amazing! We haven't hired a PR team yet and just by word of mouth there are almost 200 users already on and over 1000 items currently for sale! Have you signed up yet? DO IT! ;)
Because I shop too much is currently interviewing for our first intern. We are looking for someone who is a graphic design major, and this person does not need to live in IL. It will be all online design work for mass emails and blog work, so if you or anyone you know is currently looking for a internship, email us at

I think that's just about it. How have all of you been? 

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