August 25, 2012

My Son, My Hero

My 4 year old and I had the most amazing conversation a few days ago.
I asked him what he wanted to be when he grows up and he said "I don't know mama, what?". I then told him he can be whatever he wants.
I asked him what are his interests, what makes him happy.
He said, "um, um, what?"
Since he is autistic it is hard for him to have back and forth conversations so I started asking him yes no questions.
Do you want to be a race car driver? "No."
Do you want to work with planets, you love planets? "No."
Do you want to work with numbers? "Yes!"
"What works with numbers mama?"
Well, you can do something with math. "No."
You can be a scientist. "What does a scientist?"
Well, depends on what kind of scientist you want to be, but you can help discover cures for sick people...
At this point he stops me mid sentences and says "yes mama, I'll do that! I'll make peoples brains feel better. Like me."
You mean other kids with autism? "Yes."
You want to cure autism? "Yes. But with no shots mama, I don't like shots."
And then I cried for about 10 minutes.
I have a 4 year old who wants to grow up and find a cure for autism.
 I am raising the smartest kid I know.

**Every 3 days when we give him his vitamin b12 shots we tell him it will make his brain and belly feel better. Whenever he sees a "treat" he wants to eat, we tell him "that won't make your brain feel good, lets find something else we can eat". Hence the brain feeling better convo above. ;)
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