May 21, 2012

Mother's Day Gifts

I know it's about a week late, but better late then never! 

This year not only did I get to have a dinner with my moms side, have a morning to sleep in and wake up to the best kids in the world yelling "Happy Mother's Day!", and attend brunch with my hubby's side of the fam, but I ALSO got super great gifts! I (of course) would be happy without, but these were too great not to share! 
Here is what I got from my hubby's family:bagLOVE the color scheme! I can't wait to use my new tote and rotate the necklace and sandals into rotation. So pretty!
From my hubby:
camera remote A wireless camera remote! I have been taking my own pictures via a tripod and timer for the past 14 month. I press the button, run into position and then repeat! If my hubby is home I have him take my photos, but I've wanted a remote for FOREVER now! Ask and you shall receive. ;) I can't wait to use this bad boy. 
And finally, my gift from my son:
rock gift
He made it as school and it came home wrapped with him. Since this was his first school year I did not know that they do this. IT IS AWESOME! Probably My favorite gift! I guess I'm a sucker for googlie eyes. My hubby could have saved a few bucks if he knew this before hand. ;)
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