January 28, 2012

What guys really think

Spring 2012 Trends: Pastel Pallet

Lisa: I'm so torn. I love color! Bold color, bright color, pops of color, all color. Muted color doesn't do it for me as much. I feel like it's going to be very easy to do this trend wrong and walk around looking like an Easter egg. Having said that, if done correct (like these ladies above) I think it looks nice. Darling really. I kinda want mint colored pants, but pairing them with something not pastel. I am torn on how this trend is going to be pulled off by us "real" people, but I think I'm going to try it out! ;) 
p.s. I want that first dress. 

Ryan: Pastels suffer from lack-of real world application (in my humble, Midwestern-styled opinion). Look at the pics above - the sets are amazing & the pics are edited to look ridiculously good. The aqua-blue outlines on the modeling runway/basketball court actually MATCHES THE GIRL'S DRESS. But how are these bright, "Fifth-Element" looking color palette's going to look at the monthly team-meeting at the office? And unless you're on-stage & your name is Andre 3000 from Outkast, you need not be wearing pastels at night. So when then? I hereby present the only allowable options: Springtime. Memorial Day weekend. Boat rides pre-3pm. Grandparents anniversary party at their subdivisions clubhouse. Sunday AM at the park with your kids after getting Starbucks. The Kentucky Derby (don't forget absurd hat). Mother's Day. Brunch. And finally - polo matches. Let's hear your comments - what days/times of year am I forgetting?
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