January 16, 2012

New Beauty Test Tube


Here is my latest test tube! I can't tell you guys enough how great it is to switch your creams and wash every month or two. I always use the same serums, but everything else I mix up. The lady who does my facials also says is good to mix it up as your skin is different throughout the year (oily/dry/etc). Anyway, super excited to try all my new treats. ;)
I'll let you know if any of these items are worth buying.

**I was on TV twice over the weekend. Friday morning on NBC's morning news (I had NO idea they were using Rent the Runway footage so I missed it) and again on Saturday night. Here is the clip from NBC's 24/7:
Watch the Show - Sharing Styles on the Runway - 24/7: Secrets of the City
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