January 17, 2012

Is Anyone Else Doing Their Next Years Fall/Winter Shopping Right Now?

Every morning I am taunted with TONS of department store and boutique sale emails. Part of me thinks "no, you don't need anymore fall clothes, spring is right around the corner". Well, I am a shopper by nature so I have to find a positive spin on it all.
The reality is you can find some amazing deals on items you will actually use the remainder of this season and well into next fall and winter!

The sales that are going on right now are crazy. And by crazy I mean outstanding. I tend to buy some of my next years fall/winter wardrobe around this time of year for that reason alone. (I'm not talking about going on a shopping spree, just picking up a few items that you normally wouldn't splurge on, but at season end sales, why not?) ;)
You definitely get a little more bang for your buck when you're shopping fall inventory right as most stores are trying to get ready for their spring styles.
To be clear, I am not talking about buying trendy items, but staple/never going out of style pieces.
For example, this is a great time to buy some amazing ladies boots. I found four pair that are highly discounted right now at Macy's that I would not mind owning. They are also very classic (well, one is a bit of a wild card...and I love it for that reason) so I can wear them well into next fall and winter as well!
Top Left: $97.30 on sale from $139 , Top Right $69.99 on sale from $129 , Bottom Left $99.99 on sale from $129, Bottom Right $97.30 on sale from $139
How about you guys? Is anyone else grabbing some great pieces at low prices for next year?
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