December 23, 2011

What guys really think


Sequins is the new black

$6,720 -

£3,465 -

£65 -

$25 -

$795 -

$90 -

$1,695 -

$302 -

£165 -

€31 -

Lisa: I love sequins for this season! Holiday parties, date nights, and New years eve pretty much call for them. ;) It's a great way to sparkle when you are out and feel dressed up with out doing much. I think all girls should have something (or a few somethings) in sequin in their wardrobe.

Ryan: I sincerely like this look on girls. But I think the inherent risk in sequins is somewhat like a flashy "club shirt" on a dude - if the occasion is wrong or if you don't wear it right, it can make you look insecure, or like you're trying too hard. I think Lisa's call on "events" - holiday parties etc is pretty dead-on - you'll look like a sexy xmas present if you do it right. Just make sure your dude leaves his faded Kohl's polo in the closet & makes an effort too!
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