December 10, 2011

WGN morning news

Dress: Tibi c/o Rent the Runway

On Tuesday morning I was out the door by 6:00am and found myself at the WGN studios around 6:45. We had our hair done by the Maxine Salon again (I LOVE the staff there! I will be going there to get my hair done from now on!) and we actually got to get ready in Bozo the Clown's old dressing room! I have to say, it was a bit creepy with the clown stuff all around, but as a kid who grew up watching Bozo, it was still pretty cool!
We were on live at 8:45am and the segment was a little different from the one we did the day before. There was no studio audience and there was a runway for us to walk! Thankfully there was not enough time to get scared as we were brought in the room and then a few minutes were live.
I think we all did a great for our second time live TV! Here are a few shots from the morning:
The Sassy Peach, Blonde Bedhead, The Clever Clipper, myself, Delve Chicago

I had so much fun with these 4 fellow bloggers and will miss seeing them everyday! A GIANT thank you to Chicago Blogger Network, Rent the Runway, and Maxine Salon!! I had an amazing 2 days with everyone and will miss dressing in designer clothes, having my hair done, and being on TV! ;)

You can check out a video clip from the show here.

Here is a coupon code for Rent the Runway that was given out during the show: RTRLOVESWGN for 20% off at Rent the Runway now through Jan. 31

For the last TV appearance you can check out NBC's 24/7 on January 8th at 12:30am.
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