December 17, 2011

Thank you winter, I am offically white. Like really white

Dress: Express, Jacket: Forever 21, Shoes: shoemint, Necklace: shop jules, Ball necklace: Jewelmint, Ring: Banana Republic

I need a tan. Badly. Problem is, I don't fake n bake and if I use lotions or spray tan on this base (or lack there of) I'll just turn orange. Any suggestions? Otherwise, I'll need to start wearing tight or hosiery at all times! ;)
Now lets talk hair. When I got my hair cut, my color from 5 months ago showed up more. I got lots of highlights under so I'd have some peeking through. Well now I've got a case of 2 toned hair. Love, hate? I'm torn...
Sick of the shoes and my necklaces yet? Too bad, I'm in love! ;)
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