November 10, 2011

No makeup no jewelry, lets get it done!

I know, I know, no jewelry? How unlike me! ;) I was headed to Babies R US this day to pick up my beans big girl car seat. If you've ever purchased a car seat you know it comes in a giant box. It's heavy(ish) but mostly it's an awkward sized and hard to carry. I decided an over sized knit and legging was the way to go!
Knit: MNG by Mango, Leggings: Victoria's Secret, Hat: Swell (sold out), Boots: Victoria's Secret, Bag: MNG by Mango

I was able to get some shopping done and not look over done while dropping off donations to our favorite Children's services building. Plus my daughters teething BIG TIME so all he drool blended in! lol This is real life~ ;)
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