October 12, 2011

In times like these, you must be resourceful

I have previously written about the Huggies rewards program here, and how you can cash in points off packages of diapers for prizes. So far I have cashed in my points for a coupon (worth $13.49) to receive a free package of pull ups. This time around I cashed in 400 points for this great thermos sippy cup.


I have to admit, I'm not buying Huggies all the time anymore because lets face it they are not the cheapest. With my first child I only bought Huggies. I thought since they cost the most, they must be the best! Now with two kids in diapers I go with what's on sale. Sometimes it's Huggies, sometimes it's store brand. I still love that I get free stuff when I go with Huggies though! Let's face it, everyone loves free gifts with purchase! ;)
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