June 23, 2011

What's happening in my world....

You know how it's never dull in my life? Well lately it's more of a tragic comedy! But a funny one. Because normally I'm thinking any other person with this much going on would crack. But I find humor in it all. I guess if I looked at each situation or each problem all together I'd go mad.
I choose to look at each one, one at a time. This way it stays comedic!

I could go on and on about all the madness or I can just sum it up in a short version. I choose the latter......

Stuff with my son, set backs with the new business (no worries it's still coming, just taking longer and costing more $$$ then originally planned), no A/C for 9 days (5 different men came out on 5 different days and it ended up costing us $1400!), the day the air came back on we got hit by a tornado in the next town over and lost power (a tree actually fell on my neighbors house!). Naturally, the power is still out (2 days later) and (the kicker!) - I'm having spinal surgery on Monday. Yes, this Monday.
See, tragic comedy! lol
It's all about perspective. No one is dying, my family is in good health, and we have many blessings to be thankful for. If God only gives you what you can handle, then man does he think I'm strong! lol

I have loaded the blog about a month in advance with giveaways, guest posts, outfit posts, "I want what she has!" and lots of other fun content. ;) There should be no gaps while I'm recovering so keep checking back! I'll be recovering for about 5 weeks, but will be back on the computer in no time so keep the comments and emails coming!
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