June 16, 2011

Las Vegas! Day 1 outfit 2


Dress: LuLus
Shoes: Jessica Simpson
Cuff and earrings: Express
Chain Ring: Tiffany's & CO
Emerald and white sapphire ring: Gift

How amazing is this dress?! I got it a while back before I knew I was going to Vegas, so I was super excited I was finally going to be able to wear it! I love how it's longer in the back. So fun! I also was feeling nostalgic and brought some of the same jewelry I wore last time we went to Vegas (back in Jan. 2010) and also wanted to visit some of our favorite places. Ryan talked me into going to a steak house this night, but it worked out great because they had some of the best seafood I've ever eaten! I'm a sucker for anyplace that serves sushi or fish and veggies!

In other news, how handsome is my hubby?! I'm a lucky lady!

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