June 13, 2011

China Glaze: Epic fail to Excellent!


After talking with Kyla Dannelke on Twitter, I decided to try China Glaze Crackle nail polish. It looked so cool online and after finding it on Amazon for $27 (for 6 colors) I decided to go for it! To my disappointment I realized what I was doing was not working! It says to put on a one layer, let dry completely, then put crackle on top and instant results will happen. Here is my base and first attempt (black and teal). After that turned out looking like a little kid school project, I tried purple under pink. Here is what it looked like:


From this point I vented on Twitter saying this stuff doesn't work and Kyla tells me not to put crackle on crackle! Seems so obvious looking back! lol Here is what I got when I used a OPI base color and a China Glaze Crackle top:


Great right?! I hope you all learn from my mistakes! ;)

I get back from Vegas today so get ready for outfit posts! Lots of outfit posts (day outfits, pool outfits, nights out outfits)!! Hope everyone had a great weekend. We know I DID!!!
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