April 21, 2011

What guys really think

Blunt bangs with short hair

Jesse J

Brittani from Americas Next Top Model

Katie Holmes

Katie Perry

Fashion. Beauty. Trend

Mary Elizabeth Winstead

Lisa: Oh gosh, I'm so torn. I think it looks cute on Katie and Mary but it's more edgy then I'd be willing to go on the other beautiful ladies. I prefer long hair myself, plus since I've had bangs on and off most of my life I know how annoying the maintenance can be! ;) So I guess I'm not this looks biggest fan.
Now here comes my twisted part... if I ever was MADE to cut all my hair off, Katie's hair cut above would be my short hair pick! See?! I'm no help!!

Ryan: Ok, firstly - I looove bangs (just ask my wife - I never hide the fact that I'm constantly scheming to get her to cut them again - are you listening honey?). I think it harkens back to my Bettie Page/pin-up girl/retro-punk-rock obsessions from my 20's (and yes, I have a cheesy nautical star tattoo on my body - busted!). I also understand that I'm not the one who has to maintain said bangs, especially during the hot, sweaty summer months. Never the less, it's a hot, stylish look that I feel is an American classic. THAT SAID - I suggested this topic because I've been noticing this newer iteration of the look, with really harsh edges and shorter cuts. Not crazy about it! The Jessie J pic above exemplifies it perfectly - I love the black hair & bangs, but the harshness of the cut make her face looks a bit harsh as well, instead of, oh I don't know - "soft & flowy?" Am I totally off base here ladies?
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