April 13, 2011

Great trend for summer

Silk dress
$5,735 -

Dolce Gabbana glam dress
3,185 GBP -

Jil Sander silk dress
$2,445 -

D G couture dress
$1,526 -

Tibi ruffle dress
$891 -

Alice Olivia sheer dress
$550 -

Tea dress
425 GBP -

TopShop floral cotton dress
$72 -

Dresses tube dress
$45 -

27 GBP -

Okay, I realize a lot of these dresses are WAY out of most peoples price ranges, but a girl can dream right?! ;)
I love a great print dress for the summer! The bold colors look great and I don't know about you, but I find they put a little spring in my step! I have 3 print maxi dresses and about 4 bright print short dresses that I can NOT wait to wear this summer! What do you guys think? Love the bright print dress for the summer? Or not so much?
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