March 16, 2011

what guys really think

Combat boots



Lisa: HATE IT! Especially when you don't even take the time to lace them up (Ahhemmm Lindsay Lohan)! I'm all for women wearing men's inspired wear, but I like it in a more tailored feminine manor. I get it, wear them with something super girly for an edgy look, but I still would not be caught dead in them. Hey, I'm finally excepting flat riding boots (and loving them by the way), but that doesn't mean I want to add laces and buckles all the way up.
I do think a few of these ladies look great in them, but again not something I'm going to be trying any time soon.

Ryan: So let me get this straight Hollywood starlets - you weigh 89 pounds, eat nothing but sushi & Red Bull all day and decide to CLUNK up your outfit with Frankenstein's boating shoes? Rachel Bilson, stop breaking my heart! For the record, the recent trend of dudes walking around with their Air Jordans untied is equally egregious ("tie your shoes!" says the old man from his front porch). Anyway girlfriends, keep killin' it with some flats, heels, pumps or whatever else you wear to keep us slobs interested (and you feelin' sexy/comfortable/sexy-but-uncomfortable), but leave the combat boots to marines & movie monsters.
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