February 18, 2011

What guys really think

If you are like me (or most of the women I know) then you dress for other women. I don't think I've ever put on an outfit and said to myself, man, the boys are going to like this one! lol
I wear what I feel pretty in, what I like, and mix that with a few of the current trends. I do ask for my hubby advice when I dress, but when it comes down to it, if I love it and he makes a face, I usually still wear it!
This got me thinking, what do guys think of the clothes we love? What do guys think about the current trends? I asked my hubby if he would write a segment with me about just that! I introduce to you "what guys really think".

Sheer bottom dress

The top one is Dolce and Gabbana and the bottom one is from LuLus. (I have the bottom one in blue!)

Lisa: I LOVE this look. I find myself very drawn to this style! The sheer flowy skirt looks so romantic and beautiful on and I feel that it is the perfect amount of skin showing! Seriously one of my favorite looks right now! Guys like this right?! I'm mean what not to like?!

Ryan: As much as I'd love to disagree with you here babe (for arguments sake of course), I've got to admit I dig this look. It's a subtle, yet redefining interpretation of the classic "little black dress" that all us guys fetishize and drool over. (I realize not all sheer bottom dresses are black, but I'm talking about the above examples.) I mean, look how...relevant it makes Aniston appear in the above pic; it's the kind of look that a wide range of females could pull off in a sexily (I know, not a real word) way, without having to resort to heaving bosoms or (worse) blatant desperation. I approve!
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