February 3, 2011

Closet Swap

I wrote a post back in February 2010 about closet swapping. Now that I'm getting back down to my original size, I am again ready to swap clothes with my friends and family members! First up, Kaitlyn Fergus! We swapped 5 clothing items and 3-5 accessories. Here is the loot Kaitlyn brought me this time around:
And my challenge is to wear this coral/peachy necklace. It doesn't look like it here (well maybe it does) but it's A LOT of necklace. I almost want to take it apart and make it into 2 pieces so you have the option to wear it big or bigger! ;) However I am always up for a challenge! I will figure out what outfit to pair it with!
Love closet swapping! Kinda like shopping minus the bill! What's not to love about that??!
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