December 10, 2010

How do you faux fur?


With so many faux fur options out there, how do you know which one is right for you?! I am a big fan a faux fur. I was really excited when I saw how much of it was out this season, but I didn't know what to buy. I initially wanted a vest, but how do you wear it? I mean I know how you would style it, but do you take it off when you get to your destination? Is it part of our outfit and then you're hot all day/night? I then realized if I had to keep it on did I really want the bulk of a fur vest on me all day?! Not really!!
So I want a faux fur coat then. A super cute one! But not one that will break the bank. After all is faux fur, not real fur so it shouldn't be so theory of course.
Well, I found one! And a got a really great deal! I can't wait for my first post baby date night with the hubby so I can wear it!! Pictures will of course be posted when I do!!

On a different note, does anyone else think that fur boot is super cute in the lower right hand corner? I'm in love, but don't know why or when I would wear it! ;)

How about you guys? How do you faux fur?
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