November 4, 2010

What's happening in my world....

I'm currently in the hospital. I checked in last night to be put on Cervital (sp?) for 12 hours and then I am being put on pitocin in the morning. My body was in a bit of distress cause by high blood pressure and high protein levels. The doctors felt it would do me more harm then good to carry this baby for another week so they decided to induce me. Works for me, let's get her out!!! ;)
I am so excited, scared, excited, happy, overwhelmed, nervous, and did I mention excited!! I can't wait to meet our little girl, but I am nervous for delivery. This is my second time, but it's not the same at all! Just hoping for a quick and natural birth! However I have been told I have a 60% of a C-section later today or tomorrow if I can't progress fast enough. This is going to be a long day!!!
Wish me luck! I will of course keep you all posted on what happens!!!

My blog drafts is packed and scheduled for posts during the next 2 weeks. I didn't want you guys to get bored while I am adjusting to my new family dynamic! So if I sound peppy or you see another pregnant outfit post, keep in mind these were pre scheduled! ;)
Hope everyone has an amazing weekend! xo
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