November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving: Part 1


Top: Hautelook
Pants: Target
Shoes: Forever 21

Well, my tops fit me again! The bottoms are another story! With 19 pounds left to lose, I really don't want to buy anything in a size I don't plan to be in that long. I really don't sit down much during the day between both kids schedules so the weight just seems to be falling off!
Having said that, getting ready for Thanksgiving was a bit depressing! Nothing fits on my new, much rounder bottom half! I ended up giving in and wearing maternity bottoms this day (I didn't want to wear leggings even though those are my non maternity option). I realize I had a baby 3 weeks ago, but I just can't wait to be back in my normal clothes! Patience is a virtue... ;)
Anyway, I love this top. Who knew I'd ever wear anything with shoulder pads after 1990!? The beautiful detail on the shoulders was enough sparkle for me so I went with no jewelry this day. Plus my little bean is a total hair and jewelry puller so I am learning to pick my battles.
Hope everyone ate as much yummy food as I did this day! I've got 2 more Thanksgiving parties to attend so maybe I'll have to run to Target and get a cheap pair of jeans in my new size. I'm sure there are some great deals that would make it worth the trip out! Oh, okay, I'll go shopping!!! I'm glad we had this talk!
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