October 22, 2010

It has been brought to my attention....

I was tagged in a tweet yesterday (on twitter) that said the following:

Nothing like someone BLATENLY copying your blog and twitter handle. Don't blog if you can't come up with your own name @stilettosdiaper

Yikes! So I click through to her page and see that her Twitter name is stilettodiapers. Yes, that's very close to mine! Since you are only allowed 15 characters in your header name on Twitter, I had slimmed mine down to stilettosdiaper. It told me the name was not in use, so I used it!
Turns out she has a blog too and hers is called Stilettos and Diapers: Because Changing Diapers While Wearing Stilettos is Sometimes Hilarious. And she started her blog in 2009. I began mine in January of 2010.

I wrote back telling her I had not copied and it was an honest mistake and she tells me to change my twitter name and think about changing my blog title! She also claims I copied her design and blog concept as well!

I have changed my twitter name. It is now @SADBblog . All new links are now up and if you were following me before on there then you still are. I did it because I don't want to have the same title as anyone. I agree! But I'm keeping my blog name. It's mine sweetie!
My husband actually named my blog, and I still say that it's quite brilliant. It describes me and my lifestyle!

Before yesterday, I had never seen, heard of, or heard from anyone that there was another blog out there with a similar name. I can see why she's upset, I'm bummed too, but lets get real.
We are both moms, and we both like heels. Can you imagine 2 people in the world existing with that in common!?! ;)
Come on! There are a million fashions blogs out there that list what they wear. There are a million blogs out there that are written about their mommy experiences. And I'm sure there are a million blogs out there that encompass both ends of this! You can't claim that you made this concept up!

I stand by my blog. I did nothing wrong. All of my experiences are real and mine! All of my mommy stories happened to me and they are mine to share! I did not copy her ANYTHING! I hired the very talented Fabulous K Creative to design my blog, and I love what design she came up with.
Just wanted you guys to know. It was bothering me that I was accused, and I wanted to clear the air!
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