October 25, 2010

Is that a basketball in your pocket or are you just 38 weeks pregnant?

Yes, it looks like I'm trying to smuggle a giant basketball around everywhere I go. This little lady (or obviously giant lady) is riding low and ready to come out! Okay, maybe she's taking her sweet ass time, but I'm sure ready! ;)
I've officially gained 40 pounds! I was hoping to keep it between 35-40 so I'm right where I planned on being. I'm not big on exercise (it took 11 months to loose the baby weight from my son because it came off naturally...I never worked out!) so I'm curious to see how long it takes my body to bounce back this time around. Who has time to work out when you are busy running around raising kids? Well, who has time during the first few months anyway! I'm sure after the bean hits the 6 months mark (and summer will be coming up) I'll find a gym with a day care just to get some cardio in. Maybe! ;)
Anyway, like I said I'm feeling ready to go. Lots of nights waking up to contractions, I feel hiccups so low down it scares me, more trips to the bathroom any one person should make in a single day, lots of excitement and anticipation on meeting her, you know....the normal home stretch feelings!

She better hurry up, I'm feeling the itch to put my Christmas tree up and it's not even November yet! Curse you nesting (raises fist and shakes it in the air)!!
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