October 13, 2010

Hair 911


HELP! My hair is out of control! I have not had it cut (or trimmed) since late February and my hair is starting to come to points at the ends. And the bangs, yuck! I need to have them sheered out or something. I also have not had a professional dye job in years! However, I did box color it myself in February. At this point I feel like there are copper colors pulling through and it's darker at some points and lighter at others. This is not on purpose people. And to top it all off I found 3 grey hairs last week!!!! I'm good with fine lines and wrinkles, but grey hair, oh hell no! Not at 31!
Well enough is enough! I have a hair cut and color appointment this Friday!

Okay, so what should I do? I don't want bangs again. It's not realistic that I will make it to the salon every 2 weeks for bang trims, and I really want to grow them out for another year or so.
Layers? Middle part? Side swept long bang? Darker? Highlights? Low lights? What the heck should I do?
Let's be clear. I will NEVER go shorter then a few inches off so don't tell me a bob! ;) Thanks for the help!
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