September 8, 2010

Latest Obsession: Photo Finish


Photo Finish- Targeted pore and line primer $32 Ulta

I am in love! This stuff is amazing! I am 31 years old and I'm not going to lie and say I have no wrinkles. I do! I have lines on my forehead and I'm starting to see lines around my eyes. I'm going to assume this is pretty normal (DUH!) and since I'm not one to freak out and go get a face lift I decided to find a product that would help make it look less obvious when makeup is applied. I always hated it when my lines looked worse after makeup had settled into them!

Here's what the product says about itself:

Precision pore perfection and fine line camouflage. Exclusive developed to target problem areas like the nose, forehead, crow's feet and around the mouth, the primer creates a flawless canvas for makeup application.
The advanced mattifying formula actually helps slow the development of wrinkles via Smashbox's Qusome delivery system, complete with anti-wrinkle peptides. It also features Chinese mushroom extract for moisture and anti-oxidation as well as silicone elastomer to reduce shine on skin and effectively control sebum. As Photo Finish Targeted Pore and Line Primer effectively fills pores and lines, Light Transformation Technology bends light to create a blurring effect, further erasing the appearance of imperfections.

Run out and get this one ladies! You will never wear makeup again without it! Seriously!
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