August 19, 2010

28 weeks

It's official, I've hit my 3rd trimester! I have to tell you, I already miss the energy and comfort level of the 2nd! There is not one day that goes by now that I don't end up with swallow feet elevated by days end!
The first photo is clearly a side shot and the second is my view! See, no feet!! haaa
To date, I have gained 24 pounds and I am nesting hardcore. The first 26 weeks of this pregnancy I was all about house renovations and getting the house ready, now I've gone into panic mode and it's time to get the baby room and baby items ready. It's so much different with your second! There is no shower, no constant reminder that you are pregnant by family and friends, you are not as scared, you don't have all the books and child prep classes to attend to, and you are already busy raising your existing child. It really is an entirely new experience. I may have gotten too wrapped up in the easy/breeziness of the whole thing, because now I find myself with 12 weeks left and nothing is ready for her! I know it will all get done, but I would have started everything much sooner if this was my first!
As far as sleeping goes, I am up all night! I miss the days of only 1-3 bathroom breaks during the night! These days it's more like every 2 hours!! She usually kicks something or switches positions and all of a sudden I find myself shuffling down the hallway (blind as a bat) to the bathroom.
I also find that ANY position I try to sleep in, within a couple hours I lose circulation in my arms/hands/legs/tush and I need to move around a lot more.
I have also been getting lots more headaches. Nothing Tylenol can't handle, but it's just another reminder that I'm real pregnant now!
These are all very normal side affects and overall this has been a super blessed pregnancy!
Next up, ultra sound on Tuesday to see if my placenta has moved out of the way. I guess I'll know on Tuesday if I'm headed to another normal birth or I'm scheduling a C-section. I'll keep you posted!
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