June 30, 2010

Let's talk nail polish

What's the deal with nail polish? I realize that the different colors that come out every year are just like the different fashion trends and it is your choice to pick and choose what works for you. Listen, I would never wear a harem pant just like I'd never wear lime green nail polish. But that's my personal style, nothing against either!
It dawned on me lately that there might be an "age appropriate" issue with some of these colors though. I wore this teal color that I found at Urban Outfitters for a few days and asked around. Most girls said the same thing. They would wear this on their toes, but not there hands.....followed by, but it looks great on you! haaa
Okay, is there age appropriate issues with nail polish? Am I dressing too young for a 31 year old (soon to be!) mother of 2 if I rock out these bright summer colored nails? Am I just being bold? Or is it personal choice?
I never feel this way in the fall/winter. I love wearing black, dark purple, navy, maroon, and forest green during these months and NEVER feel like I'm styled too young or too old. What do you guys think?
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