June 2, 2010

Kitchen Demo: Part 3

I like to refer to my latest nightmare as the wrath of the electrician! haa
For whatever reason (and I'm sure it made more sense to him) our electrician felt it necessary to rip up a bit of ceiling to run the electric. Since there is an attic right above the kitchen, I thought they might just go up there and run stuff.....silly, silly, Lisa! This is now upping our dry wall price by A LOT because they are talking about re-doing the entire ceiling rather then patch it. I guess the old one was plaster.
Deep breaths!
Okay, rolling with it yet again.
Dry wall starts today so I guess I'll find out what he wants to do (and charge me) soon enough.
On a positive note, I have an end date!!! We are estimating that the entire kitchen, floor included, will be done by June 25(ish). Not to mention we find out if baby Fergus #2 is a boy or a girl on the 28th! The end of this month is going to rock!
Oh man, it's only June 2nd!
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