April 30, 2010

Kitchen, To demo or not to demo? That is the question....

This is the question my husband and I have been going back and forth on for the past few months. Our decision? To demo!! Our house was build in the 50's and other then a hardwood floor being put in, updated light fixtures, and a new sink, it has not been touched. I mean, I still have the original oven! Lets just say, it's small and weird! ;) We have decided to get all new appliances, cabinets, add an island, take down a wall, and move a closet to the other side of the front door. This will open up our entire first floor! I am very excited!! We are doing it on the cheap as far as kitchens go. Ikea has this amazing sale that ends May 2nd. You get 20% off your entire kitchen sale when you buy your appliances there too! We have already had a company come out and design what it will look like. Next step, buy the kitchen in time to get the sale price! So today I am off to buy a kitchen!
I will make sure to take lots of pictures and keep you posted on my progress. The demoing begins late May. Ahhhh!
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