March 16, 2010

Latest hair obsession

It all started for me during my birthday week in late February. Ever since I wear my side fish-tail pony at least once a week! It's a great fix to a bad hair day or just a better idea if you will be at a sweaty rock show or crowded bar! It also gets a lot of attention everywhere I go! I've had everyone from the guy at Starbucks to the hostess at Redstone ask me how I did it. It's really a very easy braid to do!
I don't know about you, but this braid gets me very excited for spring/summer! I am the braid queen! You will find me rocking out all different braids from March-September every year! You will also find me braiding every one's hair as well. I usually can't see any of my sisters (sister-in-law included) without being asked to do a braid for them. Yes sisters, I will do fish-tails for all of you this summer! ;)
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