March 23, 2010

Birthday Party

Top: Forever 21
Blazer: Urban Outfitters
Jeans: Gap
Shoes: Jessica Simpson
Necklace: Erin Gallagher Jewelry

First off, I'm sorry there is no front view picture. I only took one and it ended up looking fuzzy. Lesson learned! I will (from now on) take a few shots of each pose. Okay, moving on.
These shoes equal my bliss! I could run in them they are so amazing! Anyone who knows me has seen me in these shoes on many occasions. They are my go to shoes for weddings, date nights, or just days I need a little extra height. I paired them with a dark wash jean and a gray stripped tank. Since it was a little chilly this day a threw on my black Urban blazer. Lets be honest, a good blazer finishes any outfit and makes it great!
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