December 13, 2017

Product Review: VIIcode T2 Oxygen Eye Cream + Giveaway

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I started using a new eye cream on November 13th, exactly one month ago now, and it quickly became my fast favorite. Prior to then, I had not heard of the brand VIIcode or of their T2 oxygen eye cream, however I am such a fast fan. Let's start with a bit about the brand, shall we? VIIcode products use powerful ingredients and the origin of the family and formula date back 255 years. Seriously, you have to read their Ageless Mythology page and hear about how the brand began, how it moved to the US (NY) during WWII, and how the line has's pretty impressive! 

In the past month I have noticed a few benefits from using this product. My under-eye circles are less noticeable, I feel like my crows feet are more difficult to see, the skin around my eyes seems to have more of a glow to it, and I am flaking less in that area as well. Yes, this is just in one month, and that barely made a dent in the jar! I can't wait to continue to use this eye cream and see the results I get in the coming months! Want to try it for yourself? One lucky winner will win their very own VIIcode T2 Oxygen Eye Cream 02.5 ($199 value!), you can enter below or on my IG page today! 

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December 11, 2017

Don't Ever Let Anyone Dull Your Sparkle

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Nothing says holiday style like a little (or lot for that matter) sparkle. I love this time of year because it gives grown women a good excuse to wear all things that sparkle and shine. Yes ladies, that even includes glitter! The only new item in this outfit are the shoes, and I scooped them up on Black Friday. Sadly, they sold out, but I will absolutely let you know if I see they are re-stocked at any point. I got lots of questions over on my IG when I posted a pic of them last week and I can't say I blame you. I literally bought them a day after I found out they existed! lol Now, let's chat about the rest of this outfit, why it's OK to wear other season clothing, and why this top is hands-down one of my favorite (if not my absolute favorite) pieces in my wardrobe. 

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December 7, 2017

Ugh, as if!

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I recently watched the movie Clueless (for the 1,346,75th time), and I am also re-watching the full Gossip Girl series. Hi, my name is Lisa, and I am a Netflix junkie. ;) No but seriously, as a blogger, I spend the majority of my time behind a computer. Sure I went out and shot this look, but then I had to download the photos, narrow it down to my favorite shots, export, edit, re-size, and re-name them all before I even start to add links and write the post up. 

Some days, I just put Netflix on in the background and edit photos for 4-5 posts at a time. Yes, this is hours and hours behind a computer screen, but it also allows me to pay 1/2 attention to whatever show I put on. I guess my shows are rubbing off on me because this outfit is so Cher meets Blair Waldorf. Cher would have never added the tights, that was Blair! 

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December 4, 2017

How to Dress Up Your Everyday Wear in Less Than 5 Minutes

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Happy Monday friends! First off, can we just talk about how gorgeous the weather was this past weekend? It was in the upper 50's Friday and Saturday, and the low 60's yesterday. We spent hours walking around Illumination at the Morton Arboretum on Friday night (which by the way, is a must see if you've never been), lounged around watching Christmas movies on Saturday (Elf & White Christmas), and spent most of yesterday outside. The kids even spent a good hour or two jumping in raked leaves with no coats on with one of their friends. Yep, no coats needed in December? Global warming is all to real, but on days like that, I have to be thankful for their happy faces. Plus we paid each of them $1 and they raked 7 bags of leaves. I hard, play hard, right? ;) OK, now lets talk about today's outfit and a super quick way to dress up any everyday look. 

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November 30, 2017

Christmas Cards with Shutterfly

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It's that time of year again folks, time for holiday and Christmas cards that is. This year, I have teamed up with Shutterfly to create my family Christmas cards. OK, I have to say it, these are my favorite cards to date! I don't know about you, but I look just as forward to sending out our cards as I do receiving them. My cards will all be sent out today, and I will be stalking my mailbox all month for the cards my friends and family will be sending to my family. This is the second Christmas at our new home, and last year I found the perfect place to display them.

I love hanging up all of the holiday cards I receive around our downstairs hallway mirror. It's the first thing you see as you walk down the stairs in the morning, right before you turn and see our Christmas tree. This is also the spot that I sit and drink my morning coffee, so it's become a tradition that makes me so happy. It's fun to see how not only my own family has grown and changed over the years, but how our friends and family have grown and expanded as well! 

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