Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Devil in the Blue Romper

 photo IMG_6428_zpsmc01gcn4.jpg  photo IMG_6415_zpsdyeezxxf.jpg  photo IMG_6376_zps8muat02z.jpg

This past weekend was a blast! I honestly had the most fun I've had in a long time, and part of it was because I didn't have to think about getting ready. Let me start this story over, this time from the beginning. 

On Saturday afternoon my husband and myself headed to Hotel Chicago & the House of Blues as his band, Lucky Boys Confusion was headlining that night. I love shows at the HOB because we get an opera box, go out to dinner, and just make a really fun family night out of it. I knew I wanted to use Rent the Runway for this night because I love dressing up for his shows, but I didn't want to buy a full outfit. Lucky RTR seriously had me covered! 

 photo IMG_6421_zps6k7ynrtk.jpg  photo IMG_6453_zpsjrg1grn3.jpg  photo IMG_6413_zpsmccuqkj7.jpg

This navy romper caught my eye when I was looking around on the website and I didn't look any further. I love that it was shorts, had pockets, and the lace was so pretty in all the photos. When it was shipped to me the day before, I tried it on and it was a perfect fit (thank you costumer reviews for sizing tips)! I was so glad I also rented the bag, ring, and earrings as it literally took all the work out of getting ready for the show. I wanted the night to be about my husband and spending time with my family, so it was a real treat to just grab the wardrobe bag that they shipped it in, and just go to the hotel.

 photo IMG_6418_zpsrlvetgna.jpg  photo IMG_6379_zpstp7m5pka.jpg  photo IMG_6422_zpszpikpcta.jpg  photo IMG_6454_zpsndpsqn14.jpg
Romper // Bag // Earrings // Bracelet // Ring // Watch // Tights // Shoes: Swap party // Lip Color 

In the end, I felt amazing in my outfit and I couldn't have been more pleased with my Rent the Runway experience. Want to try it out yourself? Get 20% off your next RTR dress with the code: RTRFALLSTYLE2E35DD

What do you think of the outfit I chose? Would you wear this romper? 

Monday, November 9, 2015

Black & White Obsession

 photo IMG_5988_zpsn1gh1bcn.jpg  photo IMG_5985_zpsxjgm70jv.jpg  photo IMG_6010_zpskboy8jql.jpg

I really have been on such a black and white kick lately. It probably has something to do with the fact that my favorite coat and favorite bag are both in those hues. The colors are both classic and chic so why mess with a great thing right?

I recently picked up a second pair of overalls, this time in black, and I am loving wearing them both casual and for a night out on the town. On this day, I was headed out for a family date night. The four of us go out for one Friday night dinner each month and just indulge and spend time together. The kids love it and somehow it still feels like a date night out. I love my family!

 photo IMG_5991_zpseox4glun.jpg  photo IMG_5996_zpsy0vynamo.jpg  photo IMG_6013_zpsmvrjnaqe.jpg

I am such a fan of these overalls. I have worn them four times in the past few weeks and the more I wear them, the more I love them. By simply adding sparkly heels and a bright lip, this outfit transformed from everyday wear to night out chic. I finished the look off by adding my gorgeous bag and white wool coat. 

 photo IMG_6002_zpsoobpdums.jpg  photo IMG_6004_zpswewmvo3r.jpg
Coat: Express // Overalls (found mine here) // Bag // Shoes // Top: Loft (similar) // Necklace: ax+ apple // Watch // Sunglasses (use code SADB to get 1st month designer sunglasses free!) // Lip Color

Are you a fan of styling black and white?

What do you think of these new overalls I picked up?

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

One of my Favorite Traditions...

It's that time again, time to order and send out holiday & Christmas cards! This has been one of my favorite traditions since I married Ryan in 2008 (and we started making our beautiful family). For as long as I can remember, I loved receiving Christmas cards from other family members and friends alike. It is just something that makes me really happy to do, and I put each years card in a scrapbook for my kids to have one day. 

Each year, the four of us usually race out after my husband gets home from work and we head to a local forest preserve. We end up using my tripod and knock out our Christmas card in less then 20 frames. This year everything was different and not in a bad way. I didn't plan our outfits, I just grabbed what we already had and made it work. We had Kaitlyn take our photos in a recent visit to our family lake house, way better then a tripod (and she got this shot in under 10 frames). Lastly, I worked with Tiny Prints to create our perfect card! After we had "the photo", I played around on the Tiny Prints website to create the Christmas card of our dreams. 

Here are a few options I played around with before I found "the one".... 
 photo 6ef0283e-3be8-4195-850b-2e073ea09203_zpslufr8zbw.png  photo 3051bc5d-8adc-48cb-8026-5068e886c267_zpsl2fsqht3.png  photo 58270e63-4a31-47ac-8b6d-c3041fa664dd_zpse3ykhbg4.png

There were so many great options to choose from on this site. I knew I wanted red & white on my card, so finding which design was best was the hard part. In the end, the foil-stamped cards just drew me in.
Here is the card I ended up choosing. I am so in love! It's probably my favorite card to date and I can not wait to send them out after Thanksgiving. I also really love the details on the back of the card as well as inside the envelope. Really great quality you guys!
 photo a794f8a0-db85-4358-9386-7ce5e711b09e_zpscmk7n1qi.png  photo 1b805c9c-67b0-4544-83d2-5f8909a3248e_zpsfnk3qvg5.png  photo 46e926e3-bdd8-4b44-8d8c-da24234231cd_zpspk1dtrl2.png

Where do you get your Holiday cards? I would highly recommend checking out Tiny Prints, they really have something for everyone.

*Here are previous outfit posts from my Christmas card shoots: 2011, 2012, 2013, &  2014, 2015

Friday, October 30, 2015

Totspot Concierge

As of mother-of-two, I can tell you first hand that my family goes through clothing way too fast. This process of the ever rotating kids closet began even before they were born. Stocking up on special occasion outfits and really anything I thought was "too cute" found it's way into my home. I would purchase tons of outfits, and honestly, never got around to using some of them. I am sure I am not alone in this. Anyone else stock up with way too many outfits early on? Especially with your first born! ;) 

As my children get older, sometimes I shop year end sales just assuming they will be one size up the following year. This is not always the case, leaving me with brand new items and even more clothes that just got worn once or twice. Sometimes, I buy shoes and within a few wears they grow and you need new ones the same season! One thing is for sure, I have lots of great hand-me-downs that I am ready to part with.

Enter Totspot. A website and app that allows you to buy and sell kids fashions, mom to mom. Now lets talk about Totspot Concierge. It is a full-service selling tool available on the Totspot App.

"The Concierge program is designed for busy parents who don’t have time to sell their family’s pre-loved clothes on their own.
Totspotters can order a cleanout bag from the app and within days, have a prequalified seller listing the items for sale on their behalf. The profits are shared between the bag owner and the Concierge." 

OK, this is amazing. I love the option to use the concierge tool as it is time consuming to list and ship out the items yourself. (Although I love doing that too...when I have the time that is!) This is a service I plan to use myself very soon. I mean, how easy is it to ship your items in a bag they supply and share the earrings with the person who lists (and ships) said items for you. Seems like a no brainer for all moms and dads alike. 
I wanted to figure out how to use this site and app before blogging about them, so I made an account. It was very easy to do so and with in minutes I was browsing around for clothing for both kids. You can set up "my tots" in your account where you put in your children's sizes. It then pulls items currently selling that will fit them now. I spy a few items that will be shopping very soon! I'm a bit upset I hadn't become a member sooner, this app (and website) is awesome.

Here is a bit more about how to use totspot concierge: 
"A Totspot member can order a cleanout bag from clicking on the Sell icon in the app. There, they may choose between selling clothes on their own, or select Concierge service.
In two short taps, consumers will order the free cleanout bag. Days later, the bag and instructions will arrive at their home. They fill the bag with hight quality, gently used or unused clothing, shoes and accessories and leave the bag at the door for USPS or drop at a local USPS office.
The bag is sent to a pre-qualified top-tier Totspot seller who will evaluate the contents for sellability, quality and condition. They’ll list the items for sale in their popular closets and promote the items through the app and social media. When an item sells, the profits are shared."

What do you think of Totspot Concierage?  Is this a service and site you would use for your ever growing-children and their clothing?

*I accepted paid compensation for this post; however, all opinions are my own.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Fall Shoes by DSW

This post is sponsored by DSW Shoes.

 photo IMG_5479_zpsgrlyvss9.jpg

What better way to start off the fall season than with a new pair of shoes from DSW? When it comes to shoe styles for the entire family, DSW really does have you covered. Whether you are looking for everyday wear or something for a special occasion (hello, holiday season right around the corner!), you can find anything and everything you need all in one store.

I was in need of a great everyday flat bootie and was very excited to find these dark gray beauties. I love a great shoe that is not only comfortable but also stylish. I mean, how fun is this color?  They really do go with everything and are an unique twist on a classic shoe style we all know and love. I think they look perfect paired with cuffed boyfriend denim like I was wearing this day, and just as cute styled with a dress and faux-leather jacket or skinny jeans and long cardigan.

 photo IMG_5488_zps06vl1ixy.jpg  photo IMG_5493_zpsbaju05qo.jpg

My son decided he was in need of a dressier shoe. These boy's flats are so amazing. My son thought the style was just like cowboy boots (minus the boot), and we both loved how they are Velcro. Yes, just lift up those adorable buckles and slide your feet in. Such a perfect style for kids who hate tying their shoes! I also loved the ombre-type type coloring. These will be great for the holiday season ahead, and also for a fancy day at school. He actually wore them to school once so far, and as soon as he got home he told me that at least 40 people told him he had great shoes! Now if that's not a reason to love DSW footwear, I'm not sure what is.

 photo IMG_5449_zpsyfobkzs6.jpg  photo IMG_5465_zpsdicqbclp.jpg  photo IMG_5467_zps0kp7mjjx.jpg

DSW has a large assortment of fall shoe trends for you and your family. My daughter and husband will both be getting some new kicks too soon. We found way too many pairs we all love!

Here are some of me and my family's favorite shoes currently selling:
 photo DSW_zpsp8i7h0a8.jpg
Top Row: 1 // 2 // 3 // Middle Row: 1 // 2 // 3 // Bottom Row: 1 // 2 // 3

Which of these nine beauties are your favorite? Do you go to DSW for your family's footwear needs too?

At DSW, we believe that shoes have the power to bring out something great in everyone. So no matter who you are or how you dress, we've got just what you need. Shoes say a lot about you. Spend a little. Say a lot.

*I accepted paid compensation for this post; however, all opinions are my own.
 photo DSW_BLogger_Logo_zpsuuxwnptj.jpg

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Mad for Plaid, Glad for Plaid

 photo IMG_5855_zpsjyolwfde.jpg  photo IMG_5858_zpseoqelidf.jpg  photo IMG_5861_zpstfmsgtga.jpg

Over the weekend while up at our family's lake house, we decided to take photos for our Christmas card. I know, I know, it's still October. However, thanks to Tiny Prints (post coming soon!) I couldn't pass up an opportunity to work with them on my cards this year. The only catch was that I had to have the photo I wanted for my card ready this week. So I did what any blogger mom would do, brought up holiday clothing for the entire family and staged a photo shoot!

Last week at the T+J Designs Fall lookbook party I purchased this amazing plaid number. Hello, it's the perfect plaid and you can mix and match it as well as dress it up and down all season long!  Plus, it is part of a three piece set (top, tank, & pencil skirt), so you get a lot of bang for you buck. When it came to styling, I used the black and white in the plaid and in my bag as inspiration to keep the color pallet for this look simple. Black tights, gold cuff and watch, and a pop of emerald in my shoes and the outfit was complete for my holiday chic look.

 photo IMG_5867_zpszgqhhxpv.jpg  photo IMG_5868_zpsvnluwil8.jpg  photo IMG_5870_zpsdfbiglrm.jpg
 photo IMG_5874_zpsa8fgtyq7.jpg  photo IMG_5860_zpskqgtlcvf.jpg  photo IMG_5876_zpskt6d7iou.jpg  photo IMG_5864_zps0hltaviv.jpg
Top // Midi Skirt // Tights // Shoes // Bag // Cuff: Coach (similar) // Watch // Zig Zag Ring // Pave X Ring // Lip Color

Thank you to Kaitlyn for taking both my family photos and these as well! When shooting together, we always go from smiles to laughing and it makes for some fun photos for sure. ;)

Have you starting thinking about holiday outfits yet? What do you think of my Christmas card outfit this year?

Monday, October 12, 2015

Beach Waved Hair is Not Just for the Summer...

My favorite way to wear my hair is curled or wavy, especially in the spring and summer time. I mean, what's not to love about hair that looks like you just came from the beach? But what about the fall & winter? I am here to tell you that "beachy waves" are perfect for year round styling. 

Sarah Potempa made our lives much easier when she created The Beachwaver curling iron. Goodbye days of twisting your hair around the iron (& all the burns that went along with that!), and hello an iron that curls your hair with the push of a button. Yes, you heard me right!

I recently took photos with Oak Street Social for The Beachwaver Co. All the photos below were taken in Chicago by the very talented Hallie Duisenberg.

 photo Beachwaver20CHI-6_zpsj6vlg8st.jpg  photo Beachwaver20CHI-8_zpsu8ipkwrr.jpg  photo Beachwaver20CHI-7_zpsdbv9lwyd.jpg  photo Beachwaver20CHI-9_zpsoaaefgrq.jpg  photo Beachwaver20CHI-24_zpsowvezzn7.jpg
Arin (Heart of Chic), myself, Jess (The Golden Girl)
 photo Beachwaver20CHI-35_zpshfhjmp70.jpg  photo Beachwaver20CHI-16_zpsm1imelcg.jpg  photo Beachwaver20CHI-31_zps28dyujte.jpg  photo Beachwaver20CHI-18_zpsqgypex5y.jpg  photo Beachwaver20CHI-30_zpsp3eepb2v.jpg  photo Beachwaver20CHI-42_zpsl3j5hnmk.jpg  photo Beachwaver20CHI-39_zpsmvdagiwt.jpg
Top: H&M (similar) // Plaid Scarf // Jeans // Faux Leather Jacket: Sheinside (similar) (similar) // Plaid Jacket // Booties // Feather Cuff: Coach  // Hat: Gap // Watch // Clutch // Saddle Bag // Lip Color: Loved Up

See, beach waves are perfect for year round styling! Do you own a Beachwaver iron yet? What do you think of beach waved hair year round?