Wednesday, January 18, 2017

10 Winter Must-Haves for Your Skin & Hair

 photo skincare_zpschdc3ovo.jpg

The harsh winter weather here in the Midwest takes it's tole on my hair and skin. You do have options though, and I'm here to help you guys by sharing what I have found to work (well) and products I have come to love. I have rounded up my ten favorite products to not only stop the dryness in it tracks, but these products actually leave my skin and hair looking better and more hydrated then before! 

 photo skincare-3_zps0meooosz.jpg

1) EVA-NYE: Forget me knot, dry conditioner
2) Glo Minerals: Hydrating gel cleanser 

 photo skincare-4_zpskwxpcmuy.jpg

3) Clarisonic: Mia
4) VO5: Hot oil Therapy
5) Tarte: Maracuja Oil (good on face, hair, and nails!)

 photo skincare-2_zpsjzlah7yw.jpg

7) Sunday Riley Tidal: Brightening enzyme water cream
8) Glow for a Cause: Body butter (LOVE on my hands, elbows, and knees!)
9) Rodan+Fields: Multi-function eye cream
10) Lush: Honey trap lip balm


What are your favorite products to use during the Winter months? Let's chat in my comments section! 

Monday, January 16, 2017

Winter Layers

 photo layers_zpsaebodevp.jpg  photo layers-2_zpszqvkoval.jpg  photo layers-9_zpsuec1eutz.jpg  photo layers-10_zpswxc2xrve.jpg

Talk about layers, this outfit couldn't be more layered if it tried. This day was literally freezing (with a real feel of -7), so I did what any girl from he Midwest would do...layer! I first stared out with my classic black wrap dress and added a light pink sweater over it. I used the wrap belt that came with the dress to tuck the pink sweater in, making it a cute outfit. But, I was still cold! What do you do when you're that cold in the winter? Add another sweater on top of that of course. Up next I added my favorite long sweater cardigan and to top it all off, a faux fur stole. I love the colors in the stole and it allowed me to wear my plum boots yet again.  

 photo layers-4_zpskmjimxcl.jpg  photo layers-5_zps6wcgnnuy.jpg  photo layers-3_zpsxxwnbrzu.jpg  photo layers-8_zpsqftz6n6s.jpg
Wrap Dress: c/o Leota New York // Sweater: c/o J.Jill // Boots: Michael Kors // Cardigan Sweater: Gap (similar & only $32!) // Stole: Accessorize (similar) (similar) // Necklace: Amazon (similar & only $4!) // Coffee Mug: Nordstrom // Tights: Spanx

What do you think of this pairing? Do you ever add layer after layer to your look to beat the cold?

Friday, January 13, 2017

Shop My Closet

In years past, I have sold my clothing right off the blog on one of my pages. Since then, I sold them on the website I created with Kaitlyn (BISTM), but after the site closed down, I didn't know where to turn. For some reason, I just can't bring myself to sell my clothes on one of those websites that takes a 20% cut (making sellers hike up their prices), so I made an Instagram closet. All you have to do is go to my page and leave a comment with your Paypal email address & I will send you an invoice. Since no-one is taking a cut on the back end, I am selling all items (even the designer ones) at extremely low prices. 

To give you an idea of what is currently selling, I simply took screenshots from my phone. At least this gives you an idea of what is for sale, sorry for the poor quality photos. 

Stop by and take a look! @lisaferguscloset 

Thank you for stopping by the blog today and I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! xo

Monday, January 9, 2017

Emerald & Plum, A Color Match Made in Heaven

 photo lace dress_zpsk9xejxwd.jpg  photo lace dress-7_zpsn0ns0rzh.jpg  photo lace dress-10_zpsbkwccjwo.jpg  photo lace dress-4_zpshhm2eywj.jpg

I recently ordered this dress for a photo shoot that I was asked to be part of. Sadly, because of the holidays and the extra cold weather, it was delayed in shipping. This left me in a bit of a panic and I ultimately dashed out the night before the shoot and found a back-up dress for under $50. I ended up loving my back-up dress, and the photos from that shoot turned out amazing, so I was on a bit of a high this day. On my way home I decided to call my girlfriend and ask her to watch my kids for a few hours because my hair and makeup looked way too good for me not to go on a date this night. (Thank you again Gwen!) Now, back to this emerald lace dress. I kid you not, it showed up on my doorstep one hour after I got home from said photo shoot. My original plan was to return it. After all, it's sole purpose was to be for this shoot and the dress missed it. However, I was about to go on a date and after trying it on, there was no way this beauty was going back! 

I love the color pairing of emerald and plum so much. They really are a color match made in heaven! Since my makeup was super glam, I simply added a great necklace & my collarless faux fur jacket and the outfit was good to go. We found a new local restaurant that served seafood and steaks and we were off to celebrate. My hubby had an amazing day at work this day as well, so we had lots to be thankful for. 

 photo lace dress-9_zpsz1ljtrl8.jpg


 photo lace dress-8_zpsjcjl2fas.jpg  photo lace dress-2_zpslp3yhuir.jpg
Dress: Stylestalker // Tights: Spanx (similar) // Boots: Michael Kors // Bag: c/o J.Jill // Coat: Express- Sold Out (similar) // Necklace: Box of Style

Do you love the pairing of emerald and plum as much as I do? What do you think of this lace dress?

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Home Project: Gallery Wall

Back in 2011, in our previous home, I enlisted in my friend Lindsay to help me create my first ever gallery wall. It was wonderful and evolved over the years that we lived there. A few frames here, a few there, and by the time we moved in 2016, the entire stairway was coved in framed photos and mirrors. Truth be told, it was probably my favorite part of our old home! I spent countless hours everyday running up and own those stairs and smiled each time I would look at the photos. 

When we moved into our new home I saw our (much larger) stairway as a blank canvas. I remembered how Lindsay showed me to trace everything with craft paper and hang that first to avoid making unnecessary holes in your walls. So, that's just what I did! 

 photo gallery wall-7_zpsmvtcxsau.jpg  photo gallery wall-8_zpsk6kpkpg6.jpg

After every photo and mirror was traced I began placing them were I wanted. I actually left the craft paper up for about a week, making a few adjustments along the way. Other then hanging the TV's and my "family" sign I picked up at Pier 1, we hadn't made any marks on our walls yet and I was hesitant about committing to so many new holes! Here is what our stairway looked like before I began to hang my gallery wall. 

 photo gallery wall-2_zpssg1rqvgf.jpg  photo gallery wall_zps5ntdynnt.jpg

 photo gallery wall-4_zps9nuw2vdg.jpg  photo gallery wall-5_zpstykrbvah.jpg  photo gallery wall-3_zpsnssqgbnm.jpg

A lot of these photos need to be updated, but I wanted to at least get the frames up to start with. The center frame, directly under the "family" sign is a project I just finished and one that I have been wanting to complete for years now. The four sided frame now holds photos of all four sets of grandparents (as in my children's great grant parents). I am so happy with my gallery wall and this grandparent frame brings me smiles daily. Out of the eight of our grandparents, only two are still living, so I can't tell you how much comfort seeing their smiling faces brings me.

I have so many more frames and photos to add, but this is a wonderful start if I do say so myself! 

 photo gallery wall-6_zpsczmwg7lm.jpg

Have you ever used this method to create your gallery wall? I just finished tracing my photo canvases and my next project will be to hang those in our upstairs hallway.


Thanks for stopping by my blog today, I hope you make it a great day! xo 

Monday, January 2, 2017

This Bomber is Making me Blush

 photo bomber jacket-13_zpszzhnbpz3.jpg  photo bomber jacket-18_zpsoz4dm3z9.jpg  photo bomber jacket-15_zpsa1hkk1pf.jpg

OBSESSED doesn't cover how I feel about this blush tone, faux fur bomber jacket. When I saw it online while Christmas shopping, I knew I needed wanted to own it. It's like everything I love in a jacket all in one...faux fur, bomber style, gorgeous color palette, and so warm. I kid you not when I say it is warmer then my wool trench coat! 

For my first time styling it, I wanted to wear the coat how I saw it styled on the ASOS website, with a gray turtleneck. Next, I decided to add colors from the jacket throughout the outfit. By adding navy in the boots, gray in the bag, and pale pink in my lip color the jacket really became the star of the outfit. 

 photo bomber jacket-19_zpsdp5tclcw.jpg  photo bomber jacket-16_zpszaaiyd3u.jpg


 photo bomber jacket-14_zps420hjpsc.jpg  photo bomber jacket-17_zpsgwnjbjsh.jpg  photo bomber jacket-20_zps7kxp2fww.jpg  photo bomber jacket-12_zpsza9swuyu.jpg
Top: Banana Republic // Jeans: Old Navy // Jacket: ASOS // Boots: Sole Society (similar) // Bag: Express (similar) // Bracelet: c/o J.Jill // Necklace & Chain Ring: Tiffany & CO.
photos by Cecilia Jean

What do you think  of this bomber jacket? How was your NYE? Let's chat in the comments section!

Friday, December 30, 2016

Top Looks From 2016

Another year is coming to an end, putting yet another year of blogging my fashion up for all of you to see. If someone told me back in January of 2010 that I would still be blogging (one month shy) of seven years later, I would have never believed it. I have blogged my entire second pregnancy, my son's autism diagnosis, co-owning a company, changing jobs, moving houses, and everything in-between. I can't believe that I am still at it to be honest! But here we are and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for coming back week after week, month after month, and year after year! I am blessed to have this outlet and all the doors it has opened for myself and my family over the years. I never in a million years expected to be here, but I am overjoyed you have allowed me to stay doing what I love! 

OK, now back to my top looks of the year. Here are my favorite twelve outfits from this year. As you can see, I chopped off eight inches of hair in the beginning of the year, went ombre, and then got 20 inches of extensions at the end of the year. If my hair changes this much, can you imagine how much my style changes on a weekly basis?! ;) 





Check out my favorite looks from last year here! I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful NYE and I wish you the happiest of new years from the bottom of my heart! xoxo -Lisa