January 15, 2018

Blushing on Blush Tones

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Hey friends, happy Monday! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and did their best to stay warm and toasty. If you live in the Midwest like my family, then you know how nuts our weather is right now. We went from sub-zero for weeks, to 55 degrees, back down to to 5 degrees the very next day. As a women who has a titanium rod and six screws in her neck, I have to say, that barometric pressure is not ideal for chronic pain. Can I control that? Nope! So let's discuss what I can control, my mood and how happy I get when wearing the color blush. 

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January 10, 2018

Winter Coats For Under $100

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Hey ladies (and a few gentlemen), happy Wednesday! This year, I was on the hunt for a different kind of coat. OK, here was my checklist: one that can be worn in the dead of winter, I wanted it to be black to match my snow pants, preferably one with a faux fur hood, and a coat I can sled with my kids and still be warm in. Oh, and I wanted to stick to a budget, so no presser, easy peasy! I searched high and low for the perfect (for me) coat. And you guys, I found one that checked all the boxes and it was only $85! I also found a ton of others that checked all my boxes (shown below) and if you scroll to the end of the post you will find lots more, in other colors as low as $49! It's a good time to shop for winter coats. 

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January 9, 2018

Dressing to Music: The Lumineers - Angela

You can take the girl out of her hippie fashion, but you can't take the banjo loving hippie out of the girl! I will always love a good jam band and I will always love songs like this. I love The Lumineers in general, they have endless great songs that myself and my kids both love. That said, Angela is such a beautiful song and I find myself drawn to even brings me to tears sometimes. What can I say, I love what I love! 

On this day I knew I had a photo shoot planned with Cecilia, but I had no outfits planned out ahead of time. I wanted to wear items that were not new, so I just put this song on and played dress-up in my closet. I had worn a similar look a few weeks back on a date night with the hubby, but I never took photos in it. A few minutes later I was dancing around my room in this outfit. If you don't already get dressed while dancing to your favorite jams, I highly recommend it! 

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January 5, 2018

Winter Is Here

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You guys, this new year is off to one cold start! It has been below zero most of the past ten days, and I am very much looking forward to the weekend where it will get up to almost 30 degrees. You know it's cold out when 30 feels warm. ;) I'm also excited about the "warmer" temps this weekend so I can get my outdoor Christmas decor down. I took my two trees down, plus all of my other indoor decor this week and it felt so good to have the home beginning to look back to normal. Has anyone else tackled the take-down yet? Honestly, I usually do it sooner, but it's been a bit more relaxed this year since the kids are still on winter break. OK, back to the cold weather...To stay warm I have been relying on layers and this super cute hooded scarf. 

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January 2, 2018

Spring 2018 Fashion Flash

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The snow on the ground might say winter, but cabi Clothing is already getting us prepped for spring. I am happy to introduce you to their Fashion Flash, which is an early release of five items from the 2018 cabi Clothing spring line (available for purchase now!). The rest of the spring collection launches later this month and OMG, I can not even wait. I am sporting two items from the early release collection, and I am already obsessed with what is to come. The Trumpet Cardigan and Amelia Jacket are both spring perfection and have the most beautiful details. Let's take a closer look, shall we?

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