Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Outfit: Traveling Attire

 photo IMG_5977_zps6fe9ff58.jpg  photo IMG_6024_zpsd5697204.jpg  photo IMG_6017_zps4477bdb5.jpg
We spent the weekend up north and I decided to dress in a simple yet comfortable (but still stylish) outfit as I got packing. I ended up carrying two weekend bags but this one had all my clothes in it so it made the cut for the blog post. ;)

When you are lugging items for you, your hubby, and your kids, plus pumpkin patch attire (hats, scarfs, gloves, coats, etc), and work stuff (lap top, camera, etc) you want to be as comfortable as possible.

What is easier then jeans and a blouse? I paired this polka dot blouse with my favorite plaid flats and added my new white coat. That's it. Other then a watch and a necklace I had no jewelry on either. Comfort is definitely key when riding in long car rides.
 photo IMG_5999_zps2781b191.jpg  photo IMG_5984_zps69deb352.jpg photo IMG_6018_zps3c097659.jpg
Jacket: Express // Top: Zara // Jeans: Old Navy // Bag & Shoes: c/o Sole Society // Necklace: c/o Silver Speck

What do you wear on your travel days? What's your go-to for weekend bags?

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Taco Night at the Fergus House

 This month on October 4th it was National Taco Day, and I missed it. As someone who is taco obsessed, how did I not know about this? I found out about a week after the 4th and have been cooking up southwest dishes ever since.

 My families love for tacos runs so deep, we decided to over compensate and just eat lots of tacos and other southwest meals this month go make up for our mistake. ;)
 I mean, who doesn't love a taco? Or nachos. Or fajitas. Or a burrito bowl. Or chips and salsa. Or guacamole. (This list is endless for me.)

Hormel Foods has some great recipes on their website and since I am forever on the hunt for new dinner ideas, I find myself checking them out often. 
When this months product came and I found Chi-Chi's salsa and Chi Chi's gluten free white corn tortillas. I knew we would be enjoying not only gf tacos, but also chips and salsa over the next two days. YUM! 

Here is what we at on two separate nights: 
 photo IMG_5952_zps7304406b.jpg  photo d54deec5-8989-457f-b282-dafa61f9bc27_zps42fcb3bf.jpg  photo IMG_6027_zpsd45ed283.jpg

 In honor of a month that holds a day that is near and dear to me (and my taste buds), I give you the best of Stilettos and Diaper Bags recipes.
Here a few of my favorite southwestern recipes that I have posted on the blog in the past few years:
(slow cooker chicken tacos)
(foil baked fish w/ a southwestern twist)

Are you a fan of taco night? Does your family love southwestern food as much as mine does? 

*You can check out my previous Hormel posts and recipes here, here herehereherehereherehereherehere, & here

*I am currently a member of the Hormel Foods Extended Blogger Program and this post is part of my involvement in the Group. While Hormel Foods provides me material and necessary resources to complete various activities, all statements and sentiment in Stilettos and Diaper Bags are my own.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Outfit: Mad for Plaid

 photo IMG_6156_zpsba9906ca.jpg  photo IMG_6162_zps0260cce8.jpg  photo IMG_6175_zps7d780ad3.jpg
Is everyone else OBSESSED with plaid this season? I am hands down mad for plaid! I can't stop collecting plaid items; scarf, watches, pants, skirt, tops, and now this jacket. I mean...perfection! So fun for fall or layering up during the winter months. 

I decided to keep the styling simple with this over-sized beauty by wearing all black under it. To add a pop of color I paired it with my favorite weekend bag. 
 photo IMG_6165_zpsef47cb47.jpg  photo IMG_6176_zps0409f2f7.jpg  photo IMG_6154_zps08095ae0.jpg  photo IMG_6168_zps25a2c73c.jpg  photo IMG_6173_zps26dcb9e4.jpg
Jacket: c/o Sheinside // Top: H&M // Jeans: Express // Boots: c/o Just Fab // Bag: c/o Sole Society // Sunnies: Express // Rings: T+J Designs 
Have you been buying up all the plaid you see too? What do you think of this pairing?

Friday, October 17, 2014

Outfit: The Country Bumpkin

 photo IMG_5866_zps2e3e60e8.jpg
One of my kids favorite family traditions is going to the Country Bumpkin in Mundelein, IL every year. We meet up with my side of the family (sisters, brothers, nieces, nephews, and my mom) and enjoy bouncy houses, tractor rides, hay mazes, pumpkin & gourd shopping, and buying fresh local veggies. (See previous Bumpkins posts here, here, & here.)

This year, it was surprisingly warm and I was able to wear just jeans and a tee and wrap my flannel around my waist. I kept the styling super simple and just added a necklace and watch and was good to go.
 photo IMG_5867_zpsdf41997b.jpg  photo IMG_5878_zps97447f59.jpg  photo IMG_5872_zps560cfc89.jpg  photo IMG_5880_zpsac4298dd.jpg  photo IMG_5868_zpsbdc64b6b.jpg  photo IMG_5873_zps534a38aa.jpg
Tee: Victoria's Secret // Plaid: Piperlime // Jeans: Old Navy // Boots & Necklace: c/o Just Fab // Bag: Rachel Zoe // Sunnies: Express // Watch: Fossil 

We had so much fun at the Bumpkin then went back to my mom's house for pumpkin carving and an early dinner. Here are the pumpkins the kids carved. How cute are they?!
 photo IMG_5947_zpsa40cb6ae.jpg
 We have one more pumpkin patch to go to this weekend (so excited), and then we will officially be ready for Halloween. 

What are your Halloween traditions? Do you go to the same pumpkin patch every year too?

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Outfit: The Fall Diddley

 photo IMG_5819_zpsf844958b.jpgThose of you who know me, know I love the Fall Diddley in Boone County. I try to go every year and stock up on holiday gifts and home decor. The last time I attended was in 2011 so I was super excited I was able to go this year!

Myself and my daughter left he house at 6:00am and drove 2 hours to meet up with my mom, sister, and her kids (it generally only takes me 90 mins but there was a TON of construction). 
It was in the 30's when we left but I knew the high temp for the day was going to be around 57 degrees so I decided layers were key. 
 photo IMG_5817_zps2c959b83.jpg  photo IMG_5821_zps166659c1.jpg  photo IMG_5818_zps00d80a04.jpg  photo IMG_5815_zpsc6376a81.jpg
Cardigan: Golden Tote // Tee: Swap w/ Kaitlyn // Jeans: Old Navy // Boots: c/o Just Fab // Hat: Target // Sunnies: Prada

As per usual the line was very long when we arrived after breakfast, right at opening time. We are pros at this point and start at the furthest tent and work our way back to the front. 
I found adorable teacher and bus driver gifts, a few holiday gifts, and some Halloween and Christmas decor for our home as well! 
 photo IMG_5810_zps2565fdd5.jpg  photo IMG_5812_zps2250ed88.jpg
Here is my new Harvest table. Ideally this would go on a porch, but we don't have one in the house we currently live in, so we put it in our entryway. I can't wait to have it outdoors one day...I super love this find (and only $26!). The kids have been adding leaves and pine combs to the glass in the center and we added gourds and a few pumpkins so far. I'm sure with another pumpkin patch trip coming up this weekend, this baby is going to be full soon enough!
Plus since it says "harvest" I can keep it out through Thanksgiving. Love that! 
 photo IMG_5949_zps9ce8f30d.jpg

Have you ever attended the Boone County Fall Diddley? What do you think of my new table?

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

House of Gemmes, Girls Night In Event

Friday night I headed out to attend the House of Gemmes "Girls Night In" event. The night was filled with drinks, light bites, sale items, currently selling styles, viewing the holiday collection that you could pre-order that day, and a few other surprises I'm not even allowed to speak about. (Get excited!)

I decided to wear this beautiful dress Kaitlyn lent me in our most recent swap bag. I know the saying less is more, but I could not stop adding accessories. I guess more was more this day. ;)
I waited until I got to Kristin's house to take outfit photos and it just so happened she has a photo shoot room! I cool is that?!
Here is my look for the girls night in event:
 photo IMG_5795_zpsebe00016.jpg  photo IMG_5792_zps90d3a7a5.jpg  photo IMG_5802_zps2aa5be07.jpg
 photo IMG_5796_zps47126649.jpg  photo IMG_5793_zpscbd8f486.jpg
Dress: Nordstrom (Swap w/ Kaitlyn) // Shoes: c/o Rack Room Shoes // Jacket: Buffalo Jeans // Bag: Rebecca Minkoff // Necklace: House of Gemmes // Sparkle Bracelet: c/o Swaroviski // Chain Bracelet: Sole Society (similar) // Watch: Movado // Double Band & Midi Ring: c/o T+J Designs // Stackable Rings: Shop Jules 

As per usual, Kristin Hassan had everything all perfectly set up and organized by style and collections. The new gemmes are so fun and I am so excited to wear what I have brought home so far!
You can start shopping her new collection now and her holiday collection will be online for purchase in November.

Here is how the downstairs was set up:  
 photo IMG_5786_zps9a82fd6f.jpg  photo IMG_5806_zps63ff1e9e.jpg  photo IMG_5807_zpsf11173a7.jpg
I spy our Sisters Marie "because i blog too much" graphic tee. Tres Chic! 
 photo IMG_5788_zpsf20eb7e7.jpg
I'm so excited for Kristin and all her new news and pieces. I had a blast and picked up quite a few new gemmes for my collection. 

What do you think of my outfit? Have you shopped at House of Gemmes lately?