Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Having a Major Moment (part 2)

On Monday I started to tell you about a major moment I had, my first ever "mommy & me" moment! 
I've been plotting this day for years, but never found anything I wanted to wear with her before now. How fitting that we dressed this way on Mother's Day? And how fitting is it that we ended up in jumpsuits of all things? Without further ado I give you my first mini me post:

 photo IMG_2481_zps8v8kyutd.jpg  photo IMG_2491_zpsdb7zhhaz.jpg

I wanted to be matchy but not over-the-top but when I added a white blazer the obvious choice to HER was to add a white cardigan. What most of you may not realize is that I don't have a major say in what either of my kids wear. They have very strong opinions and when it comes to dressing themselves, they know what they like. She also had it in her mind that we were going to be matching so when she saw me add white, she added white. So we really went for it on our first try! lol

 photo IMG_2502_zpslnfkefaf.jpg  photo IMG_2485_zpsvc9huqm8.jpg

The little lady had me add a braid to her hair, while I went with a more vintage wavy curl type style (I believe that is the technical term);). 
I decided to wear nude wedges and she wanted to wear her adorable new Sole Society leather sandals. I love that even though we were both wearing the same jumpsuit and white blazer or cardigan, we both made this look our own. Her pop of yellow, my accessories...we were matching yet both age appropriate.

 photo IMG_2496_zpsovvdnp88.jpg  photo IMG_2487_zpsonhmpyo6.jpg

This little lady brings so much joy into my life and on this day she felt so special to be dressed just like mommy. She kept saying we were sisters which was flattering as well as made me a bit sad that she doesn't have a sister. I'll just have to do this more often for her. I don't mind matching with the most special girl in my life, in fact, I kind of loved it!  

 photo IMG_2489_zps6ywss2vi.jpg
 My outfit details here
Daughter's outfit details: Jumpsuit: Lilly Pulitzer for Target // Cardigan: The Children's Place // Shoes: Sole Society

Have you ever had a "mommy & me" moment? What do you think of my first shot at it? 

Monday, May 18, 2015

Having a Major Moment (Part 1)

 photo IMG_2466_zps0g7ijtvj.jpg  photo IMG_2475_zpszbhoq10k.jpg

This Mother's day was my very favorite yet! I got to see my grandma (in-law) and mother the day before and spent the morning of at brunch with my in-laws, hubby, and kids. I love going out to brunch so doing that on Mother's day already put this day in the favorites category.  Add to it that I had my first ever "mommy & me" moment and this day just had a major moment! 
I can't wait to share those photos with you on Wednesday, but in the meantime, I want to show you what I wore.

 photo IMG_2464_zpsdzadkrmn.jpg  photo IMG_2477_zpsfwihh4hp.jpg

Did everyone rush out and shop the Lilly Pulitzer for Target collection? I ended up getting 2 items, this jumpsuit and one for my daughter. Hey, if you're going to have a "mommy & me" moment, make sure it's a great one! 

 photo IMG_2465_zpsz6sr6glf.jpg  photo IMG_2470_zpsmedx37dt.jpg

As far as the styling went, I kept it pretty basic. You will see on Wednesday how I styled my daughter's jumpsuit, but I wanted to match her without being over the top matching. 
I dressed it up a bit I added a white blazer, nude wedges, and beautiful jewelry. To finish my look off, I simply added a brown belt and bag to give it more of a put-together look. 

 photo IMG_2468_zps2x9hzai2.jpg
Jumpsuit: Lilly Pulitzer for Target // Blazer: Piperlime // Bag: Target (similar) (similar) // Shoes: JustFab // Earrings & Cuff: Rocksbox (get your 1st month FREE using code sadbblogxoxo at checkout!) // Necklace: Shop Lately // Watch: Fossil

In the end I'm so glad I snagged this jumpsuit! I love the print and can't wait to style it all Spring/Summer long. 

Did you shop the Lilly Pulitzer collection? What do you think of my pairing? 

*Check back Wednesday for my "mommy & me" moment!  

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Nashville night

 photo IMG_2273_zpsxjrynmqz.jpg  photo IMG_2280_zpseyrbgktz.jpg

For those of you who follow me on both my blogs (or either of my blog Instagram pages), you know about my love for all things Nashville. This is a newer love. One that has blossomed over the past 2 years now. It all began with the TV show Nashville. LOVE IT! 
Then for my mother-in-laws 60th b-day, we headed for an all girls trip there. My first Nashville trip and I was hooked! Here are two blog posts I wrote after going my first time (here and here). 

 photo IMG_2276_zps2osbv1aw.jpg  photo IMG_2275_zpslkyujj6n.jpg

During our time in Nashville we were able to attend a live taping of the "On the Record" 2014 Nashville special. Being moved up to the forth row during the taping and being able to meet most of the cast was beyond what I thought our night would end up like! It was like a dream. I was even on the show when it aired last April! 

I have since gone back, almost 1 year to the date but this time I went with my hubby and kids. We had a blast and I got to show my family around. While in Nashville this year, I got a text from back home telling me the girls were all getting tickets to see the cast of Nashville preform live at the Rosemont Theater in May. 

 photo IMG_2274_zps1uayq1on.jpg  photo IMG_2278_zpsw8hjqw6u.jpg
Cardigan: Swap w/ Kaitlyn // Tee: Ryman Auditorium // Jeans: Tommy Hilfiger // Boots: Because I Shop Too Much // Necklace: Lili Claspe // Ring: House of Harlow 1960

On this night I put on my favorite Ryman tee (where "On the Record" was filmed back in 2014) and styled it super casual for my GNO. I love these fringe boots as a cowboy boot alternative. Fun right? 

The show was amazing and I loved every minute of seeing them sing live again. "At the end of the day, Lord I pray, I have a life that's good!". Words to live by, no? Check out my Twitter feed for photos from that night. 

Do you have a favorite city or show that you just can't get enough of? Are you a fan of Nashville (the show or the city)?

Monday, May 11, 2015

Springing into Florals

 photo IMG_2216_zpswv2bbit3.jpg  photo IMG_2215_zpslkkxx3z9.jpg
How stunning is this Milly for Kohls scuba dress? I am very into wearing floral prints this Spring, I just couldn't pass this one up! 

The dress ran a bit long on me (it's supposed to hit above the knee), but I couldn't wait to have it altered to wear it the first time. Plus now I can swap it with Kaitlyn and it will be the perfect length on her before I make it shorter. It's fun sharing a closet!

To give my bust and waist an extra something I wore my favorite corset under and before I knew it the dress fit me way better! 
 photo IMG_2217_zpshveqlagz.jpg  photo IMG_2224_zpscerh1vjk.jpg  photo IMG_2222_zpst8jihoqj.jpg
When it came to the styling, I decided to play off of the black details from the dress in my shoes and bag. I also used the gold zipper in the back of the dress as inspiration for wearing all gold jewelry. 
 photo IMG_2221_zpsabnqjxbg.jpg  photo IMG_2223_zpslv1g6nxb.jpg
Dress: Milly for Kohls // Shoes: JustFab // Bag: Forever 21 // Necklaces: Lili Claspe // Watch: Fossil // Blue Ring: House of Harlow 1960 // Charm Bracelet: Alex and Ani // Bracelet: Lokai 

In the end both myself and the hubby loved this look! We had a wonderful night filled with great food, lots of laughter, and many kisses. It's wonderful to be married to my best friend! 

Have you shopped the the Milly for Kohls collection? Do you ever add a corset under your outfits to get everything in it's proper place? ;)
Let's chat below in the comment section. 

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Wooden Watches by Jord

I'm all about unique accessories and my newest watch is anything but normal. When I was contacted by Jord, I thought wooden watches? I have never heard of such a thing, I have to check these out! 

I had my eye on a few and almost went with a zebrawood and turquoise one, but in the end maple and rose gold was unlike anything I have in my watch collection. I literally styled it with an outfit less then an hour after I received it. What can I say, I get excited when pretty things arrive at my home! 

 photo IMG_2202_zpsbads78ui.jpg  photo IMG_2194_zpsgquqoa4j.jpg

One of my favorite things about ordering form Jord was that they have you measure your wrist with a paper measure they email you so your watch comes ready to wear. That my friends is great customer service! They also have a great feature on their site where you can live chat and ask any and all questions you have. I love shopping online and this made the experience all the more personal so there was no room for error. 

 photo IMG_2189_zpshnzg2eaw.jpg  photo IMG_2196_zpsq4reokj9.jpg

How lovely does this rose gold beauty look styled with my new Milly for Kohl's dress? I love how clean and fresh the styling came together. Floral print, nude heels, and show stopping accessories made me feel very pretty this day. I kind of feel like this outfit encompasses all that is great about Spring fashion. 

 photo IMG_2199_zps9zwlfjyy.jpg  photo IMG_2192_zps8xuez8b5.jpg
Dress: Milly for Kohl's // Shoes: JustFab // Bag: Lulus // Watch: c/o Wooden Watches by Jord // Sunglasses: MNG by Mango // Necklace: Shop Lately // Ring: House of Harlow 1960 // Bracelet: Lokai // Charm Bracelet: Alex and Ani 

In the end I can not say how happy I am with this wooden watch. I have not taken it off since last week and I fear you will get sick of seeing me wear it here on the blog and on my Instagram account as well. ;)  

Ok, I'd be doing you a disservice if I didn't show you the packaging. The watch came in a very fitting wooden box. The packaging is almost as beautiful as the watch itself! 

What do you think of wooden watches by Jord? Is this an item you would purchase for yourself or the man in your life. I truly adore the mens line as well, at the very least you have to snoop around on their website and see what they have to offer! 
Let's chat in the comments section below... 

Monday, May 4, 2015

High Waist Print Pants, Yes Please!

 photo croptop_zpsphjai8ew.jpg  photo boho_zps0v8xqsdq.jpg  photo lob_zpsqluucdbv.jpg 
Recently I was shopping at Forever 21 and I stumbled across these high waist print pants. I love that everyone is selling "festival wear" this time of year, because this mommy is stocking up! I love this for everyday wear, not just for rock shows. That's just me I guess. 
 photo fashion_zpsqjcrwozn.jpg  photo momblogger_zpse4abwl1u.jpg 
When it came to styling these beauties, it was a no brainier. Crop top, cardigan, cute bag, and layered necklaces was the only way to go. I already have about 4 other ways to style these pants in mind, but I wanted to show off how high the waist was the first time. What can I say, I'm a planner! 
 photo goldjewlery_zpsh9oydtim.jpg  photo heels_zpsjwdqmldl.jpg  photo jewelry_zps66peabzo.jpg
Top, Cardigan, Necklace & Pants: Forever 21 // Bag: c/o Sole Society // Watch: Fossil // Druzy Ring: Erin Gallagher Jewelry // Bracelet: Lokai // Heels: JustFab 

What do you think of high waist print pants? Do you ever stock up on festival type clothing during Spring because, well that's just your style? Let's chat below in the comments section! 

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Summer Staples

 photo IMG_1841_zpstuqy6a5a.jpg  photo IMG_1832_zpslb6pjvlw.jpg  photo IMG_1845_zpszdvf4wbo.jpg  photo IMG_1846_zps9vtytuuh.jpg Yesterday over on the Sisters Marie blog, I talked about stocking up on the basics at Forever 21. I realize I am too old to shop at this store, but snagging some staples for between $10-$20 each seems timeless to me! 

This dress is a perfect example of something that can be worn year round depending on how you layer it. I love the Y-back detail and with a price tag of $15.90, I just could not pass it up. 

This day I layered on the silver and turquoise jewelry, neutral shoes & bag, and a great top that I wore as a jacket of sort. We obviously have to talk about this bra. I found it on Easy (although the sellers store is currently closed) for $20 and I have worn it non-stop the past few months. It's more cozy then wearing a sports bra and then as an added plus, it makes all my tops and dresses cuter. Pretty sure I'm going to find it in a few more colors and live in them this year! 
 photo IMG_1858_zps7z3ssaj9.jpg  photo IMG_1834_zpszgbvvsgp.jpg  photo IMG_1816_zpsem5gjhox.jpg  photo IMG_1826_zpsc8ofjz1a.jpg  photo IMG_1809_zpsfmsw69fj.jpg
Dress: Forever 21 // Top: Urban Outfitters // Bra: Etsy // Bag & Shoes: c/o Sole Society // Necklace: E Street Denim // Bracelet: Swap w/ Kaitlyn // Watch: Movado // Bracelet: Lokai // Sunglasses: Prada 

Where do you shop for summer staples with great price points? How would you style this dress? Let's chat below in the comments section!